How to Use the Automatic Needle Threader on a Sewing Machine

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howtousetheautomaticneedlethreaderWhen I used my automatic needle threader on my previous Singer sewing machine, I used to pull down the automatic threader and hope for the best. With my Janome sewing machine I took the time to work out how it actually works and i can now thread the needle with the automatic needle threader first time every time. I’ve created a video using my machine to give you a visual guide for working out your automatic threader, as all sewing machine brands can be slightly different.

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Happy sewing!


  1. Wow, I just bought a DC4030 machine, and was having trouble treading the needle, (My eyes arent that good anymore!) so it was great to find this site with the exact information I need. My Dealer is too far away to just jump in the car to see her. but will do so in a couple of weeks for a lesson.

    • Glad I could help. I hope you enjoy your machine. I sure love it!

  2. Just got a new Brother sewing machine and couldn’t work out the automatic needle threader but after watching your video I understand it!Thank you so much.


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