11 FREE Baby Lovey Patterns and Tutorials to Sew

I’ve compiled a great round up of free baby lovey patterns and tutorials to sew. On my pinterest travels I come across heaps of free lovey patterns to crochet, but not many to sew so I thought it would be great to put all of the best free lovey patterns in one place for you.

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Knot Bunny Lovey with Free Pattern to Download

knot bunny lovey comforter tutorial square

The Knot Bunny Lovey is one of my recent tutorials. The mini red knot bunny you see in the photo above has a free pattern for you to download. The larger template version (pink in the photo above) comes with the full PDF purchase. You can see the full tutorial and video here!

Sloth Lovey with Free Pattern to Download


I love sloths and this pattern would make a perfect lovey! You will find all the instructions and the template on the downloadable PDF when you go here. Click on the pink box that says ‘Download Template’. You’ll see it just under the photo of the sloth lovies.

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Teddy Bear Taggie Lovey

teddy bear taggie lovey

This teddy bear taggie lovey would be so cuddly and soft, making it a perfect lovey or comforter for little ones.  A nice faux fur would be awesome for this lovey. The ribbons would also add that extra sensory experience. You can find the tutorial here.

DIY Ribbon Tag Lovey

DIY Ribbon Tag Lovey Tutorial

This ribbon tag lovey is one of my older tutorials.

The Bunny Lovey

bunny lovey

This bunny lovey would be another great lovey pattern to try. The tutorial is available for free and instructions on how to get the pattern are over on the website.

Doll Lovey

Softie Doll lovey

I love the simplicity of this doll lovey. You can find the tutorial here.

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This cute little Woodlands Wall Hanging is one of the classes you’ll find over on Creativebug. A great felt project that would be great for young child during imaginative play. Creativebug allows you to watch any of their classes for a monthly subscription fee. You then get to keep one class forever in your Creativebug Library. I love this about Creativebug. The hardest thing for me is choosing which classes I want to keep for life! So many great ones. Anyway, if you’d like to try Creativebug out and watch the class to make this Woodlands Wall Hanging you can do so with the FREE Trial here.

Flying Squirrel Lovey

flying squirrel lovey

This flying squirrel lovey would be a great lovey as well. I can see the potential for this one to be turning into a cat or a dog too! This one using the ladder stitch technique to sew the head on. Such a useful stitch!

Taggie Blanket Lovey

tag blanket lovey comforter

I’ve made a few of these taggie lovey blankets for my chidlren and as gifts for others. You can see my tutorial above. This tutorial goes through pretty much the same steps as I use to make them.

Square Bunny Lovey


The square bunny lovey tutorial has to be one of the simplest lovies to sew, but it’s such a cute one! This tutorial comes with a free ear template to download.

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Sleepy Sloth Lovey


Another sloth lovey, but this time it’s a sleepy one. Awww! This sloth lovey tutorial has a free template to download and would be perfect made from a cuddle fleece.

Heart Taggie Lovey

heart taggie

This heart taggie lovey tutorial is very similar to the square taggie comforter above, but I just love the heart embossed minky!! I’ve never seen it before.

Elephant Softie/Lovey


Ok, so this elephant softie isn’t quite a flat lovey like the rest of them, but if you made this elephant and then turned it out and topstitched around it, no stuffing, then it would make the perfect lovey! You can find the tutorial here and it also comes with a downloadable PDF template.

Have you seen another great free lovey tutorial to sew? If so, let me know in the comments down below and I’ll happily check it out.

Until next time, happy sewing!