I have become a little obsessed with adding snaps to things. So much so that I have now upgraded to a snap press, and boy, is it awesome. I have also created a great Pinterest board of lots of things I’ve collected that you can make with snaps or simply add snaps to to make it that much more handy. In this post I’v made a list of the top 12 Useful things to make with snaps. Enjoy!

12 Useful Things to Make with Snaps

Fabric Box

fabric_box_2 with snaps

This fabric box has snap up corners so it allows you to store it flat and then snap up the corners when you are ready to use it! Nifty, huh?! The tutorial uses metal snaps, but you could easily use the plastic resin snaps. You can find the tutorial here.


Snap on Tea Towel

snap on teatowel

Having a toddler around the house means the tea towels are constantly pulled off the oven rail (and everything else pulled out of the cupboards and, just generally, everything strewn all over the floor!). Using snaps to secure the tea towels to the rail gives others that gentle reminder that you want the tea towel to stay exactly where it is. You can find the tutorial/idea here.


Secure Measuring Tape and Others Cords


This is a great idea for securing your measuring tape or other cords around the house. I couldn’t find the original post for this idea, but you can see the Pin on Pinterest here.


Un-Paper Towel

unpaper towel

I really need to make some of these un-paper towel rolls. So very easy to make and then you just add snaps to the ends! You can find the full tutorial here.


Pacifier Clip with Ribbon

How to Make a Pacifier Clip Pinterest.001


This one here is one of my tutorials, but it is a very handy one if you have a baby around the house or someone you know is about to have a baby. These make great gifts! You can find the tutorial here.


Snap On Wrist Wallet

money cuff


This is a cool tutorial for how to sew one of these money cuffs up. Instead of sewing on velcro I would simply add snaps instead. You can find the tutorial here.


Car Basket

carbasketThese car baskets look very handy for the kids to keep their things organised in the car. By the end of a big trip our car looks like a bomb site, so I should really make some of these up. I would add snaps to the strap to make it easy to put on and take off the head rest. I would also add a snap to keep the top of the basket closed when it’s not being used. You can find the tutorial here.


Neck or Wrist Lanyard

wrist lanyard700

This one is another of my favourite tutorials. I show you how to easily sew up a neck or wrist lanyard. You can add a snap to them to make it easy to secure around something for safe keeping. You can find the tutorial here.


Snappy Advent Chain

advent Chain

This advent chain would be a great idea for Christmas! It would make it easy for children to help snap the chain together, then everyday up until Christmas they get to unsnap one. Love the idea. You can find the tutorial here.


Felt iPad Cover


This iPad cover is simple, yet effective and it will help you use up all those little pieces of scrap fabric as it would be just as easy to use up any cotton fabric scraps. The added snap helps keep that iPad or tablet device secure! Find the tutorial here.


Quiet Fabric Chainquietfabricchain

This would be a great idea to add to any child’s quiet book pages! I would use snaps for the child to snap together to make a long fabric strip or a fabric chain. Super simple, yet a fun idea. You can find this project here.




So, i consider this one to be useful because it can keep the kiddies entertained! and how cool is it in general?! These are definitely on my to-sew list. You can find out more about them here.

Do you know of any other useful things to make with snaps? If so , I’d love to see your ideas so I can add them to my Pinterest board or maybe have a go at sewing some up :). Don’t forget to leave your comments down below. It’s lonely here on the website :(.

You can check out my Pinterest board for other great ideas for what you can make with snaps.

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KAM Snaps also has a great page with a whole list of things you can do with snaps right here

Happy Snapping!

Domenica 🙂

How to Make a Pacifier Clip Pinterest.001