I had so much fun making my sock monkey tutorial that I thought I would do a little round up of some other sock creature tutorials that I have found on my online travels. You can find a whole lot more on my Pinterest board called How to Make a Sock Monkey and Other Creatures. You can find the links to all the tutorials under the photos of the sock creatures. Enjoy!

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15 Fun and Free Sock Creature Tutorials


Sock Monkey

sock-monkey-image Ok, so starting with my sock monkey tutorial in case you missed it ?. I love using these soft and fuzzy socks, as they make super soft sock monkeys. I’m sure they would be great for making other sock creatures too!

Sock Snake


This Sock snake tutorial would be perfect for for using up those odd socks. You could even use it as a draught stopper at the door in winter time!

Sock Dragon


How cute is this sock dragon?! Joanne from Craft Passion has many sock creature tutorials and you’ll see a few more in this round up!


If you’re a lover of crafty books (like me) then you’ll love Stray Sock Sewing! It’s all about making sock creatures from those stray socks and don’t they look super cute! You might also like Sockology and Socks Appeal. Haha! Socks appeal….I just find that book title a tad funny ?. You might also find these books at your local Library too!

Sock Bunny Baby Rattles


These sock bunny baby rattles are gorgeous!

Sock Penguin


I love this colourful sock penguin tutorial. Rainbow socks always make me smile! This tutorial even has some handy PDF instructions that you can download. Love it!

An Aaahh! Real Monster


This sock monster tutorial was inspired by the Aaahh! Real Monsters show. I loved that show….please tell me you remember it too!


If you’re a lover of all things monsters then you’ll love these sock monster patterns for purchase (pictured above). There are more sock creatures created and sold by Make Me Roar on Craftsy so check them out!

Sock Snowman


This tutorial is extra cool, not only because this little dude is a snow man, but it’s also a no sew sock snowman tutorial! This Tutorial is made by Trixi, a fellow Australian. Yay!

Sock Lion


I’m loving this sock lion tutorial! You should see how the mane is done. Very creative!

Sock Kitty


This sock kitty tutorial is very cute indeed. These would be awesome to cuddle using my favourite socks for making sock creatures! You know, the extra soft ones!

Sock Babies


These sock babies are very sweet! Pop a rattle inside and they will keep bubs entertained for sure.

Sock Elephant


This sock elephant tutorial is actually another no sew tutorial, but the technique is very effective!

Sock Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


A more advanced sewing project, but this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tutorial is awesome!

Sock Zebra


Love this sock zebra tutorial. He’s a bit sad looking, but in a cute way.

Sock Owl


What can I say. These socks owls are just looking to be cuddled!

Sock Reindeer


Christmas has just passed, but these sock reindeer would be great at Christmas time!

I hope you loved this sock creature tutorial round up!

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Happy sewing!