5reasonstohaveagreatcrafternoon2Finding the time to sew can be hard when you’re busy with Little Ones that have to go here, there and every where. So how do you find the time to sew when you have so much to do?

I get so much joy out of sewing and especially from sewing things for other people that I make it the thing I do when every thing else is done or I when I just really don’t want to do everything else! I find when I do things for other people, like for  my Little One, it’s easier to give it preference over other things in life. So when I do things that are going to benefit other people as well as myself, it makes it easier to talk myself into making it ok to do. Why not talk yourself into doing a Crafternoon.

What’s a Crafternoon?

Yes, a Crafternoon! So, you get together with a few good friends, let the kids play and have fun while you and you friends craft it up by sewing, scrapbooking, knitting, crocheting or even just looking at crafty books (sometimes just as fun as crafting itself). The kids are happy, you get to catch up with your friends and you get to create and make. How much better can life get! It really is a win/win situation.

5 Reasons to Have a Great Crafternoon

  • The Little Ones are happy – they get to play socialise and learn how to share their toys if you’re hosting
  • You get to sew, make, create or just look at books that you would never get around to looking at. This in itself creates happiness
  • You made a Commitment so you’re more likely to do it – Having a Crafternoon makes you commit to being somewhere and doing a specific task so it’s a lot harder to just say “oh I’ll just give it a miss for today”
  • You have something to show for your efforts – in a world where tasks need to be done over and over again, like vacuuming the floor or washing the clothes, something you sew or create doesn’t have to be done again (usually) unless you want to make 20 billion of the same thing because it’s easy
  • You can give the things you’ve sewn away as gifts – You don’t get a thank you for washing the dishes but you tend to get thanked and appreciated when you give someone a handmade gift 🙂

Would love to hear about your Crafternoons in the comments section below. Do you work on your own projects or combined projects? do you have them once a week or month? How do you find the time to sewing general?

Well, I’m off to have a great Crafternoon with some fantastic friends.

Happy sewing and make a date for a great Crafternoon. Do it!