sample printing on quiet book700

A couple of months ago I played around with the idea of printing on fabric using my inkjet printer. I was making a quiet book cover for my little girl and I wanted to personalise it with printed images and writing. “Easy!” I thought.

My first challenge was getting the inkjet printer to print on the fabric without jamming the printer. I was using the freezer paper method, but I found the littlest bit of fraying on the fabric could smudge a great print or cause that dreaded jam. So I now had more challenges floating around in my head ready to solve.

I also had the question in my mind about whether the ink on the fabric would allow the fabric to be washable without fading and washing out the ink? I tested a piece of my printed fabric in the washing machine and it did wash out the ink a tad and that was only from the black ink. I am yet to experiment with printing a colour image.

So, I have come across some methods of making fabric washable after it’s been printed on using an inkjet printer at home and I will let you know the results of those tests as soon as I’m done. I think I’ll even make a video or two to go along with it.

The other questions I have in my mind include;

  • Will a normal prewash of new fabric give a better printed result?
  • Do I need to prewash my fabric at all? Will it affect the result!
  • Will a homemade solution to make your fabric washable work as well (or better) than a premade solution, like Bubble Jet Set 2000?
  • Have I become obsessed with the idea of printing on fabric?

I have my fingers crossed for this testing to work, as I have so many ideas floating around my head with what I could do with it! My mission for working out how to print on fabric and making it washable has begun!

If you have any questions about printing on fabric then let me know in the comments section below and I’ll see if I can work them out for you!

Wish me luck!