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Most sewing machines are very similar when it comes to knowing how to thread a sewing machine. Here are my instructions written in clear and simple steps as I know some people prefer to read instructions rather than watch a video.

You will need:

  • Sewing Machine (I’m using my Janome Dc4030 in the video above)
  • Thread
  • Bobbin

┬áStep 1 – How to Thread a Bobbin

Take your thread and place it onto the spool pin and hold it in place using the spool disk.

Put your thread around the bobbin thread guide (most good machines will have a picture on the top of the machine to show you the way it needs to go)

ThreadingtheBobbingrab your bobbin and put the thread through the little hole on the bobbin, coming from the inside of the bobbin (if you wind the thread around the bobbin to secure, then you would need to make sure you put the bobbin on the bobbin spindle the right way or else it will just unwind itself. threading through the hole is much easier)

Place your bobbin onto the bobbin spindle. Ensure you keep a hold of the end of the thread. Push the bobbin spindle over to the right to activate the bobbin winding mechanism. Some machine still need you to pull out the hand wheel. My machine has an auto-declutch function so you won’t see me do that in the video.

Put your foot down on the pedal and wind that bobbin!

When you have the desired amount of thread on the bobbin, push the bobbin spindle back over to the left and take the bobbin off. Snip the thread to release the bobbin.

Step 2 – How to Thread a Sewing Machine

HowtoThreadaSewingMachineRemove the thread from the bobbin thread guide and place it behind the thread guide at the top of your machine.

you should now take it down and under the next thread guide, which will loop it under the check spring holder.

You should now take it up to the take up lever and thread through the hole at the front of the take up lever, going from right to left. You will see in the video that my take up lever has a gap at the back for me to pull the thread through to the hole.

Take your thread down to the thread guide that should be just above your needle bar and make sure the thread is held in place behind the thread guide.

There should also be one more guide on the needle bar that you will need to put the thread behind also.

Now you will need to thread the needle. If you have an automatic threader then definitely use that.

Step 3 – How to Properly Insert the Bobbin Thread on a Top Loading Bobbin

Remove the hook cover plate (or bobbin cover plate)

Grab your bobbin and ensure that your thread is running in a counter clockwise direction. When you hold you bobbin up in front of you it should look like the letter ‘P’.

place your bobbin into the machine and while holding one finger of the bobbin, to prevent it from spinning, place the thread through the first thread groove and running in between the tension spring blades.

Turn your hand wheel towards you. You will see the top thread go over the bobbin and pick up the bobbin thread. if you have an up/down needle button, use that, as it’s quicker and easier.

Gently pull the top thread and it should bring the bobbin thread up through the machine.

Ensure both threads are under the foot and placed towards the back of the machine.

Congratulations! You now know how to thread a sewing machine and you are ready to sew.