Ok. So I was very excited last week (or the week before, can’t remember) when I received a tweet from The (secret) Toy Society to say that they were back! After being very busy making softies recently I got even more excited as I already had a toy that would be perfect for a toy drop. If all this is new to you and doesn’t make any sense, I’ll explain it all.

What is The (Secret) Toy Society?

The (secret) Toy Society is a group of crafters who make handmade toys and drop them or leave them in a public place in the hope that someone will find it. The purpose of this is to create a little bit of joy and happiness for a complete stranger and practise the art of giving without expecting anything at all back in return.

Why I Chose to Do a Toy Drop

Sock MonkeyI was so excited about the idea of making a toy and leaving it somewhere for a complete stranger. I think it’s because I would have loved finding a toy in a random spot when I was a little girl. My mind goes off on a little tangent just thinking of what someone (usually a child) would do when they found my toy drop. I do know that there is no expectation attached to the toy drop, but I can dream.

I think just knowing that you may make someone’s day or create a lasting memory in a child’s mind is enough to make me feel happy and excited about doing a toy drop.

(I’ll link my drop here for you all to see when it’s been uploaded to the site) You can check out the DROPPED post here and the FOUND post here.

You Can Do It Too!

It’s pretty easy for you to be a part of The (secret) Toy Society. Here is the process for you to make it super easy.

  1. Visit The (secret) Toy Society website and click on the tab “Be a Toy Dropper”
  2.  Fill in your details and click on the “submit” button
  3. You’ll then receive an email that has all the details, links to tags and the letter for doing a toy drop
  4. Make your handmade toy with love and package it up
  5. Drop your toy in a place where you think it will be found
  6. Email the details to The (secret) Toy Society using the information provided in the email
  7. Wait for your drop to appear in the “Dropped” section of the website
  8. Expect nothing in return, but the finder may chose to let The (secret) Toy Society know that the toy has been found

So it’s as easy as that!  All you need to do now is find a cute softie to sew and go do some sewing. Join in the fun and create some happiness for a complete stranger.