So last month I mentioned that I was going to do the 4 week pattern drafting course that had just been released on Creativebug. You can see that post here. This is a quick update to let you know how I’m going with it.

Wow! this course has some great content in it. At a quick look the total minutes of all the videos goes for almost six hours. Luckily it’s broken down into chapters!

I started with the first chapter and this is what I found.

My Thoughts From the First Video

I found the chapter descriptions to be a little lacking in detail to begin with. For example, Chapter 2 said “How to Make a Master Dress Pattern” and the length of the video said 28:00 (min:sec). When you click on this video it actually goes for 1:27:33 (Hour:min:sec). Whoa, that’s a long video. No problems, I did it, but I would’ve definitely preferred the video to have been chucked down into smaller easily consumable sizes or sections. When time is limited it’s easier to plan to watch one or two of the videos and then take action on the steps. I ended up recording the time that I was up to so I could come back to it again later to continue on with the course.

Cal Patch’s instructions are very clear and thorough and she shows that she has had a great deal of experience with pattern making. I loved watching her techniques for particular steps, like how she added in a curve. The camera work was really well done and it was very clear to see what Cal was demonstrating.

What I’ve Done and Learnt So Far

I made it through the first video and followed all the steps. Wow I drafted my first pattern from my own measurements. The pattern did look slightly like a bag due to my ever expanding pregnant tummy, but I got to practise the skills anyway.


Drafting my first ever pattern from scratch

These are the skills/points that Cal went through in this first video:

  • Tools needed for pattern drafting
  • How to take your measurements for drafting the master dress pattern, which also includes the measurements for a shirt or tunic (this came with a helpful downloadable sheet to record your measurements on)
  • How to transfer your measurements onto paper to create the master dress pattern
  • How to add in the seam allowances
  • How to add in darts to get a better fit around your waist
  • How to add in a neckline
  • Squaring off any corners in the master dress pattern
  • How to match the arm curve and the sleeve curve
  • How to draft different types of collars for the neck line

So at the end of it all I had drafted my own master dress pattern from my own measurements. I couldn’t remember half of the steps and why I did them, but I did it! I wanted to practise those skills again so I took Miss Elyse’s measurements.

I’m thinking I might make the muslin out of Elyse’s master dress pattern as my body is forever expanding and children’s clothing seems to be easier to make and more forgiving. They have less curves and bumpy spots.

You can sign up to Creativebug with a 14 day free trial by signing up by clicking on the ‘FREE with 14-Day Trial Membership’ button. Go to the easy as Lazy Days skirt to sign up and try Creativebug for yourself.

Until next time, happy sewing!