Here’s a Christmas scrunchie tutorial seeing as it is almost that time of the year! If you would like to sew some Christmas scrunchies with Christmas prints then I recommend this tutorial (coming soon) or keep scrolling to watch the video below.

If you would like to make a Santa Christmas scrunchie then I will be showing you how in this tutorial.

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The Best Fabrics to Use When Making a Santa Christmas Scrunchie

I chose to use red Minky fabric for the inner part of this scrunchie. Minky is super soft, with a low fabric pile (it’s one of my favorite fabrics). I chose to use coral fleece for the white part as it is super soft as well but has a longer pile. This gives the white part of the scrunchie that fluffy Santa appearance that it needs.

Coral Fleece has a longer and fluffier pile

You can read more about coral fleece and how it is different from polar fleece here.

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Fluff Warning!!!!

I recommend having a sticky lint roller handy because these fabrics will produce some fluff.

What You Will Need to Make a Santa Christmas Scrunchie


Materials and Tools

You can see the tutorial on How to make a standard scrunchie here – Coming soon!

Keep scrolling to see the tutorial on how to make the Christmas scrunchies.

Or watch the scrunchie tutorial on YouTube here

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How to Make Christmas Scrunchies

Step 1 – Prepare the fabric

Cut the red minky fabric to 22″ (56cm) long and 3 1/2″ (9cm) wide. Cut the white coral fleece 22″ (56cm) long and 1 1/2″ (6.5cm) wide.


Step 2 – Sew strips together to form a loop

With the right side of the minky fabric facing up, layer the long edge of the white coral fleece on the minky fabric. Ensure the long pile side of the coral fleece is facing down.


Sew the edges together using a 3/8″ seam allowance. A larger seam allowance is fine as well.


layer the other 2 edges together and sew together. I prefer to keep the white coral fleece on top when sewing bother these edges as these fabric can be prone to stretching. I recommend using a walking foot when sewing with these types of fabrics.


The next steps are exactly the same as my traditional scrunchie tutorial so you can watch the video from here or keep reading on!

Step 3 – Turn the tube of fabric right side out

Attache a safety pin to one end of the tube.


Push the tube of fabric over the safety pin until your tube has the right side of fabric on the outside.


Step 4 – Secure the white coral fleece strip in place

Pin the two seams together to hold the white coral fleece fabric in place.


Sew a few stitches along the length of the tube, at about 5″ intervals, to hold the red and white colors in place. I do this so the white strip stays nicely around the outside.

I sew on the red minky fabric as this is the thread color I have in the sewing machine already. You could always sew these securing stitches along the white fabric if you want to change the sewing machine thread color to white.

You can barely notice these securing stitches in the photo below!


Step 5 – Thread the elastic through the tube of fabric

Using one of the safety pins, attach one end of an 8″-9″ (20sm-23cm) length of elastic to the end of the tube. Attach the other safety pin to the other end of the elastic


Thread the elastic through the tube of fabric.

05.2-thread-elastic-through-christmas scrunchietube

Below you can see the elastic threaded all the way through. Using two safety pins reduces the chances of accidentally letting go of one end of the elastic and having to thread it through all over again!


Step 6 – Join elastic ends together

There are a few options for this step. Firstly, you could simply tie a knot in the ends.

The second option would be to overlap the elastic ends by about and inch and use a zigzag stitch to secure the elastic together. this is my preferred option.

I like to go forwards and backwards a couple of times. I also tend to use fabric clips or pins to hold the 2 ends of elastic while I am sewing the elastic together.


Snip off the excess elastic.


The third option would be to use a simple hand stitch with a hand sewing needle and thread to secure the ends together. It doesn’t really matter what type of stitch you do here as long as you do it multiple times so the elastic ends do not come apart.

Step 7 – Sew the loop opening closed

insert one end of the fabric loop inside the other.


Fold the outside edge under by about 1/4″ and then use a ladder stitch to sew the two fabric ends together.

07.2-Christmas scrunchie almost complete ladder-stitch-to-attach-tubes

Using a ladder stitch will give you a stitchless finish!

Now your Christmas scrunchie is ready to wear or give as a gift to someone special.

Remember, your Christmas scrunchies don’t need to be fancy Christmas Santa scrunchies. You can make them in any Christmas patterned material and you have yourself a festive scrunchie ready to bring some Christmas cheer to the world!

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Happy Christmas scrunchie sewing everyone!