Hi everyone! I’m  a little excited today, as it’s the first time I will be joining Denise from DIY-Crush as a co-host for an awesome weekly craft party link up. Yay!!

This party includes sewing crafts, but also includes recipes, blogging/business/life tips and other instructional posts. Are you ready to party today? Let’s go!

All instructional posts you are linking up to will be pinned to this board which will bring you extra exposure! Don’t forget to please share/pin/tweet this party. In order to participate in this party, Please add the DIY-Crush craft party button to your blog! Either to your sidebar, at the end of your post you are submitting or to a dedicated page. It will help to get the word out so more crafter can join in and have your linked posts seen by more people! It’s a win-win!

So please grab this image and install it into your site & link to www.diy-crush.com:

DIY Crush Link Party Button

(or link to DIY Crush with a text link)

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PLEASE spread the word about this party!!

Please follow your hosts:

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Easy Sewing For Beginners | DIY Crush

Easy Sewing For Beginners: blog // facebook // twitter // pinterest // youtube // instagram

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We will pin every instructional post but won’t be able to comment on every post, but if you are one of our favorites, we will comment to let you know!

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We picked our favorites from last week’s party! Let’s see them below:

My pick was this great tutorial by Sum Of Their Stories:

How to fix a too tight shirt on the bottom hem | DIY Crush

Denise’s favourite is this DIY of a marbled Dollar Store vase by Little Free Monkeys! So pretty and easy to do!

How to marbelize a Dollar Store vase | DIY Crush

Ready to party now?? We sure are! Let’s see what you have been up to lately!

What Can You Show Off?

  • free craft tutorials & patterns
  • pattern reviews (can include links to the pattern for purchase)
  • decoration with small list of how you did it
  • recipes for foods that are also kids friendly (no alcoholic recipes please)
  • business/blogging tips
  • money tips for SAHM’s and WAHM’s

What You CAN’T Show Off?

  • shops
  • giveaways
  • spam sites
  • products for sale
  • adult content

///By linking up you are giving us permission to visit your blog, pin/share images from linked up post and link back to you///<