I recently purchased this mini sewing machine (pictured below). out of curiosity to be honest.

I have always put a mini sewing machine like this into the toy sewing machine category, but discovered adults were buying these for actual real sewing.

This particular mini sewing machine was purchased from Amazon. I was prepared for the fact that I may have wasted my money and had very low expectations of it.

Did you buy the Aldi sewing machine pictured below instead? This Easy Home mini sewing machine works a treat and I highly recommend it. Click here or the photo below to see this machine in action!

How to Operate a Portabl Mini Sewing Machine FHSM 505 Nex Sewing Machine

So…you might be surprised with what I discovered about this mini sewing machine!

Surprisingly, this mini machine actually sews! This machine works slightly differently to how a conventional sewing machine would, but I slowly worked it out. My daughter even likes getting this sewing machine out to sew with as it is so light and very portable.

From this positive experience, I decided to put together some how to tutorials for using this machine in video format.

See the new step by step tutorial for how to thread a mini sewing machine!

How to thread a mini sewing machine tutorial

Be sure to keep reading to hear about my disappointing experience with my Aldi Easy Home mini sewing machine.

Are you using this sewing machine to hem pants? See my step by step tutorials for how to hem pants like a pro

3 ways to hem pants like a PRO

You can find my very first tutorial for how to use a mini sewing machine on Youtube here or watch the video below right now.

My machine is the KPCB mini sewing machine brand as seen in the video above. Many of these machines are similar in the way they look, the button placement might be different though.

My Aldi Fail

I came across this machine while shopping at Aldi recently so I thought I would purchase it to have another round home.

This machine looked exactly the same as the one I purchased from Amazon except for the colours. The Aldi machine had more printed images on the machine as well. On a closer look there was one differenence and that was with the take up lever. The Aldi machine was slightly different and you can see difference in the photo below.

One major problem with the Aldi machine…. I couldn’t actually get it to sew! Frustrating. It did sew the little piece of fabric that came with the machine but after that not much luck.

I did find one little hack to get this machine to sew and I will write about that for you very soon. For now, avoid the Aldi version and go for the one from Amazon if you’re thinking of purchasing one.

If I hadn’t purchased the machine from Amazon first I would’ve thought that all of these machines were the same and would’ve had a very negative point of view about them.

Final Thoughts about the Mini Sewing Machine

Well, this mini sewing machine actually does sew. If you are looking for a sewing machine that’s cheap, portable and basic, then this sewing machine may be for you. It could be used for hemming pants or some easy sewing projects. You would be limited to using a straight stitch only though. This machine does not have a reverse stitch function so you would need to rotate the fabric to reinforce your sewing. Otherwise, the slightest pull could see your sewing project unravelling before your eyes.

Personally, I would rather spend an extra $25 or so to buy a machine that has a few more stitch options and a reverse stitch function as well.

This machine doesn’t take up much space as it’s small. It would be super easy to store and because it works with AA batteries. This makes it portable and easy to use without a power source.

This sewing machine would also be good to use for sewing card for papercrafts.

I hope you have found this post informative. Has it helped you to make a decision about purchasing this machine?

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