How to Make a Sock Monkey Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

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Here are links to different parts of the video that you might like to jump straight to

00:53 Preparing and sewing the first sock for sewing
05:26 Sewing the legs with the sewing machine
09:21 Cutting the legs and preparing for turning and stuffing
11:26 Turning and stuffing the sock monkey
16:22 Using a ladder stitch to close up the opening in the legs
25:31 Preparing the second sock for the other body parts
31:35 Sewing the other parts of the sock monkey with the sewing machine
33:05 Cutting out the body parts from the second sock
36:29 Turning the ears, arms and tail
36:53 Turning and stuffing the arms and tail
39:19 Preparing and cutting out the face of the sock monkey
41:11 Sewing on the eyes of the sock monkey
43:37 Sewing the face onto the body of the sock monkey
46:35 Sewing on the mouth piece
54:13 Sewing the smile for the mouth
57:49 Sewing on the ears
01:01:32 Sewing on the arms and tail
01:04:41 The finished sock monkey!