This video tutorial will be going through how to thread a mini sewing machine step by step. This tutorial is for you if you have never used a mini sewing machine before and you are a beginning sewer.

You’ll be a pro and know exactly how to use a mini sewing machine by the end of this tutorial!

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In a previous post I talked about purchasing this sewing machine and my thoughts about it. You can read all about that here.

does this mini sewing machine sew
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What You Will Need

  • Mini Sewing Machine (I use the KPCB Mini Sewing Machine Brand in this video)
  • Thread – I recommend not using the thread that comes with the machine….but do it if you don’t have anything else. You could try Gutermann Thread instead
  • Empty metal bobbin
  • Needle threader

Does your portable mini sewing machine look more like the one below? To see how to thread that sewing machine then click here or on the photo below.

How to Operate a Portabl Mini Sewing Machine FHSM 505 Nex Sewing Machine

How to Thread a Mini Sewing Machine Video Tutorial

You can watch the video below or keep scrolling if you would prefer to read the steps and see the instructions in photo form.

Or watch the video here on YouTube

Step by Step Photo Instructions on How to Use a Mini Sewing Machine

Step 1 – Connect the Power Supply

I’m going to assume that the threads and fabric that was in your machine has been removed and start from the very beginning. I do this in the video to check it if you’re not sure how to do this.

Insert the foot pedal and the power supply, either batteries or the power cord.

Be careful! one the power is plugged in and on then the machine is on. if you accidentally push the foot pedal or press the on/off button then the needle on the machine will start sewing.

Step 2 – Wind Thread Onto the Bobbin

Next you will need to wind the bobbing with thread. You will see these instructions in the video above from 1:22-3:26.

You will need your spool of thread and the empty bobbin.

Place the spool of thread onto the thread spindle located on the top of the machine.

Release the bobbin winding pin out (this is located in the middle of the hand wheel).

Put the tail of the thread through the bobbin and push the bobbin onto the bobbin winding pin.

Using your other hand, hold the thread out to provide tension of the thread while it is winding onto the bobbin.

Push the fool pedal or push the on/off button to start the winding.

Stop when you have the desired amount of thread wound onto the bobbin.

Pull the bobbin off the bobbin winding pin and cut the thread. Push the bobbin winding pin back into place.

Step 3 – Thread the Top Part of the machine

Next you will need to thread the top part of the machine. You will see these instructions in the video above from 3:26-6:11.

Place your spool of thread onto the spool pin or a bobbin of thread onto the spool located on the front of the machine.

Spool pin located on the from of the machine

Follow the thread guides to thread the top part of the machine.

thread a mini sewing machine

Step 4 – Thread the Needle

Next you will need to thread the needle. You will see these instructions in the video above from 6:11-7:16.

You can thread the needle by guiding the thread tail through the needle hole going from left to right. I find it much easier to thread the needle using a needle threaded so I demonstrate both ways in the video.

Place the needle thread through the hole on the needle from the right through to the left. Put the thread tail through the hole in the needle threader and then pull the needle threader back through and out of the hole in the needle. Pull the thread tail all the way through. If this was confusing to read then I highly recommend watching the video instructions. I am much better at demonstrating that way!

Pull the thread so there is no slack left in the top thread and leave the thread hanging.

If you’d like to see how to change the needle on a mini sewing machine and the recommended needle size then you can find that info here.

mini sewing machine needle size and how to change the needle on a mini sewing machine

Step 5 – Load the Bobbin into the Mini Sewing Machine

Next you will need to thread the needle. You will see these instructions in the video above from 7:16-7:54.

Hold your bobbin with the thread dangling down on the right hand side so your thread in going in a clockwise direction. Think about making a letter ‘q’ when you are holding your bobbin.

drop the bobbin into the bobbin case so it is sitting flat. Place the thread in the groove provided (if your machine has one.

02-wind-the-bobbin how to use mini sewing machine

Step 6 – Bring Up the Bobbin Thread

Next you will need to bring up the bobbin thread. You will see these instructions in the video above from 7:54-8:40.

To bring the bobbin thread up hold the top thread in your left hand, slightly pulling towards yourself.

At the same time use your right hand to turn the hand wheel towards yourself. This will move the needle down and you will notice the top thread going over the bobbin down below.

Once the needle has gone all the way down and back up, pull the top thread towards you and you should see the bobbin thread coming up with it.

Grab the bobbin thread with your fingers or use something long and skinny to pull the bobbin thread loop out.

Place the thread tails towards the back of the sewing machine. Replace the bobbin cover and you are ready to sew!

Step 7 – You Are Ready to Sew!

Your machine is now ready to sew! You will see these instructions along with some handy tips in the video above from 8:40 -11:51.

I’ve included a few tips below to help you successful sew with this mini sewing machine.

Tip #1

Do a few stitches in the fabric using the hand wheel before you actually put your foot on the pedal ands tart sewing.

This will stop the thread from being pulled out. That happened to me until I worked out the trick.

Tip #2

This machine does not have a reverse function. This is a pain, as you need this function to secure your stitching so it doesn’t unravel over time.

When you want to secure your stitching, I recommend pivoting your fabric and then sewing over the stitches you have just done. This should help hold those stitches in place.

Tip-2-Secure-your-stitches using the mini sewing machine

Tip #3

This last tip is something I don’t do with my normal bigger sewing machines.

When you get to the end of your sewing, keep your foot of the pedal to keep creating the stitches. This will give you some thread to snip and also leave a big enough tail coming off the needle as well.

If you try to pull the thread in these machine after you finish sewing then the machine doesn’t seem to like that too much.

I hope this tutorial and the extras tips have been helpful for you learning how to thread a mini sewing machine.

Happy mini sewing and I’ll see you next time!