Knowing how to wind a bobbin is a pretty important skill seeing as you need thread on the bobbin to sew with a sewing machine! Luckily, it’s an easy skill to learn once you’ve seen someone else do it first. I’ve created a short video so you can see how to do it. I’ve used My Janome DC4030. Your sewing machine may be slightly different but the general concept is the same. I’ve included the video below along with some written steps below.

Watch How to Wind a Bobbin

Or watch it here on Youtube

  • It’s always important to make sure your spool of thread is secured onto your spool pin. A vertical spool pin would just be a matter of putting the spool of thread on it. A horizontal spool pin would require a disk or stopper of some sort (like on my machine).
  • You will have a thread guide for your bobbin winding on the top of your machine somewhere. It’s important to check your sewing machine to see which direction your thread should go in. It could affect the tension of the bobbin thread if the thread guide is not used correctly. Some machines even have a picture guide showing you how to use the thread guide.
  • threadonbobbinI usually put the end of my thread through one of the holes on the bobbin, from the inside first. You could do this with the metal bobbins as well.
  • You will then need to put your bobbin onto the bobbin spindle and push it over to the right. This will activate the bobbin winder and disengage the machine (stop the needle from going up and down). If you have a mechanical or older machine, you may need to disengage it manually by pulling the hand wheel out or some machines have a dial that needs to be turned.
  • howtowindabobbinOnce this is all done you are ready to put your foot down…..on the foot pedal. The bobbin will keep winding until it is full and it will usually stop turning as well.
  • Snip the thread and you are done!
  • Don’t forget to reengage the machine if you had to disengage it manually during this process.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post from the Learn to Sew Series for Easy Sewing for Beginners.

My mission here is to help you become a successful and confident sewer. Sewing brings me so much joy that I want as many people as possible to give it a try. All the best and keep an eye out for more videos in the Learn to Sew Series.