Well hello there. You may or may not have noticed that I have been MIA for two months now. All for a good reason, I promise. You could say I’ve been slightly distracted for the past 11 weeks or so. The newest addition to our family decided to join us seven weeks early just as we had arrived at our holiday destination, which was a five hour drive from home. Let’s just say we ended up having an extended holiday for the following three and a half weeks as the local hospital where we live didn’t have the resources and equipment to care for a premature baby.

11 weeks on, all is good and we have a beautiful baby boy who is chubbing up nicely. He’s name is Jordan and you can check him out below. Isn’t Jordan (and Elyse) the cutest!

TootellKidletss Distraction


I’m a little less sleep deprived now and feel slightly more in control of my brain so I’m ready to start blogging, podcasting and creating videos to help and inspire others through the journey of learning how to sew once again. It’s all a bit overwhelming still, but I’m slowing getting back into it. Eeek! 🙂

So this is where I was at just before Jordan joined us (this is probably more for my benefit than it is for yours)

My last post was for my most recent podcast episode where I interviewed my local sewing machine technician to get all the dirt on maintaining your sewing machine at home. I learnt a thing or two about how to look after my sewing machine I also remember being completely grossed out by what his most unusual thing was that he found inside the sewing machine. Yuck! I was also inspired to create a video and printable resource for maintaining your sewing machine. Must put that back on my ‘to do’ list in Trello (gotta love Trello. It’s my second brain).

I was also playing around with printing on fabric and finding a way to make it colourfast and washable. It has been a complete failure so far, but I have a few things to try yet. If all else fails, I will be putting that new printer on my ‘wanting to buy’ list (in Trello, of course!).

So What Have I Been Up To?

Other than spending time with my beautiful kidlets, I have had more time to check out some Craftsy and Creativebug classes while I’ve been breastfeeding. My new iPad Air has been so handy for this. I hope to add some of the classes I have been watching to my ‘Recommended Resources’ list in the menu bar on this site.

I’ve been doing a bit of sewing as well, but not as much as I would have liked. I’m trying to restart some good habits that I had going before I had Jordan and I’ll be talking a bit about this in my up and coming podcast, which should be up by the end of the week (fingers crossed).

Thank you to everyone who sent messages after I had Jordan. They were lovely to read. Thank you also to those of you who have sent me emails to tell me how much you have enjoyed the podcasts. You have all motivated me to get back into it!

Well, I’m off to sew a bit and record a podcast.

Happy sewing,

Domenica 🙂