So I’m the type of person who hardly buys new clothes because I’m so fussy with how things fit, how much they cost and what they look like. With and ever expanding belly at 19 weeks pregnant and living in an area with a lack of maternity clothes in the stores, I had decided to turn to making my own maternity clothes. I’d bought a pattern to make some maternity pants (you know the stretchy ones that go right over your belly! Yeah!), but I had been really struggling to find patterns for maternity tops in my fussy style, or lack of….(I’m really daggy), comfortable is my style. Anyway, the Creativebug website had been catching my eye for quite a while but nothing was tipping me over the edge to sign up. Until I came across this 4 week Pattern Drafting Course with Cal Patch. Hmmm…could I just make my own patterns? It could be an option. This course tipped me over the edge to sign up and try out what Creativebug had to offer. I’ll keep you updated with how I’m going with the course.

A little tip for a free trial subscription: I noticed that when I tried to sign up through the pattern drafting link there wasn’t an offer for a free 14 day trial, but I remembered seeing the free trial somewhere.


Click on this photo to go to the Lazy Days Skirt workshop on Creativebug

When you go to any other sewing project that can be purchased separately, there is an option button to get the project for FREE with a 14 day trial membership. Bargain! So be sure to find one of these buttons to sign up through (or just click on the photo of the skirt project above).

What is Creativebug? I hear you ask


Creativebug is a relatively new site that provides video tutorials for all types of crafty projects, including sewing, paper, yarn quilting, jewellery, crafts and kiddy crafts. The idea that I love about Creativebug is that you have a monthly subscription of $9.95 and you have access to all of the tutorials on the site! Or you have the option of not subscribing and purchasing the tutorials on an individual basis, like you do on Craftsy.

So check out Creativebug here* and see what you think for yourself!

I’ll keep you updated with how I’m going working though the pattern drafting course with my ever expanding belly.

*This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you choose to click and purchase through one of my links, and I truly thank you for that.