Learn to Sew with Easy Sewing for Beginners

Here you will find everything you need for you to learn to sew with the help of videos. From learning the different parts of a sewing machine, to sewing a stitch, to sewing your very own sewing projects – this is the place to be for beginning sewers.

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Get to Know Your Sewing Machine

These tutorials provide a quick overview of the different features you may find on your sewing machine

Practice Sewing on Paper

In these tutorials you will find printable PDF sewing sheets to get going with using your sewing machine

How to Set Up Your Sewing Machine

Here you will find step-by-step tutorials showing you how to thread your machine and load a bobbin. I also show you how to change a needle for the first time.

Start Sewing on Fabric

In the following tutorial I will give you some ideas to help get you started with sewing on fabric.

Now you're ready to have a go at an easy sewing project!

Sewing Machine Feet

Get past using just the standard foot! Learn more about helpful sewing machine feet.

Other Handy Sewing Machine Skills