Knowing the right mini sewing machine needle size can make for a successful project when sewing with a mini sewing machine. Making sure your needle is sharp will help to reduce skipped stitches.

You might also be in the situation where you have broken your mini sewing machine needle and need to buy some replacement needles. I’ll help solve this problem for you!

I recently published the video tutorial for how to thread a mini sewing machine and you can see the step by step video and tutorial here.

How to thread a mini sewing machine tutorial

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Which Mini Sewing Machine Needle Size Will I Need?

The answer to this will vary slightly, depending on what you are sewing. in the video below I show you how to change the needle on a mini sewing machine as well as talk about which needle size for mini sewing machine.

Watch the Video On How to Change the Needle on a Mini Sewing Machine and Which Needle Size to Choose

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Which Needle Size

Firstly, let’s start by talking about which needle size you might need for your mini sewing machine.

If you look very closely at the rounded edge on the top of your existing needle you may be able to see the size engraved there. If you’re anything like me (very poor eyesight), you would probably take a photo of this part of the needle and then zoom in so you can actually read the numbers (top tip!!).

When you do this, you will the number engraved on the needle that came with your mini sewing machine. this will most likely be 90/14.

The photo below is the engraved number on my needle. Yes, I know it’s blurry, but it was the best I could do without a macro lens. You can still make out the numbers.

mini sewing machine needle size

A 90/14 universal needle size is great for sewing medium weight fabrics like cottons, linen, etc. You can find 90/14 needles on Amazon or eBay or at your local sewing supplies store.

If you are sewing a lighter weight fabric you may need to go with an 80/12 needle size. If you want to sew knits then you may need to use a ballpoint needle. You can read more about sewing with knit fabrics here.

Either of these sizes will actually be fine for most beginner sewing projects.

mini sewing machine needle size

How to Change the Needle on a Mini Sewing Machine

You can watch the video tutorial above if you would like to watch how to do this. Keep scrolling to read the instructions.

Tip – You may want to disconnect the mini sewing machine from the power before you start these steps.

Step 1 – Raise the needle bar

Turn the hand wheel towards yourself to bring the needle bar up to the highest position.

Step 2 – Loosen the screw to remove existing needle

Loosen the screw on the needle bar to release the existing needle. You do this by turning the screw towards yourself. Hold the existing needle with your left hand to stop the needle from dropping into the sewing machine.

Tip – You can use a spare metal bobbin to loosen the screw if you do not have a mini flat head screw driver.

Step 3 – Insert new needle

Insert the new needle with the flat edge of the needle facing towards the right of the machine (or the needle bar screw).

push the needle upwards until it is as high as it will go into the needle holder.

Step 4 – Tighten the screw to secure the new needle

Turn the screw away from you to tighten. Use a spare metal bobbin to tighten a little bit more.

Now you know how to change the needle on a mini sewing machine. You should also know which mini sewing machine needle size to choose as well.

I hope you have found this tutorial useful.

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Until next time, happy sewing!