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janomeDC3040I’d like to show you the great features on my Janome DC4030 sewing machine, as this is the machine that you will be seeing in all of my videos. This machine is a heavy duty machine and I’ve definitely tested it to it’s limits, especially when sewing fabric books for babies. Here is a list of the features on my Janome DC4030 sewing machine:

  • Horizontal Thread Holder – makes the thread less likely to get tangled on the thread holder while you are sewing.
  • Automatic declutch bobbin winder – which means the machine automatically stops the needle from going up and down when you are winding thread onto the bobbin.
  • Automatic tension dial – no messing around with adjusting the tension while sewing.
  • Adjustable speed – great for children and beginning sewers to sew at a slower speed and gradually increase speed as you gain more confidence and great for slowing down the speed while sewing delicate or thick projects.
  • Digital display – easy to adjust the width, length or change the stitch with the press of a button.
  • Elongation button – allows you to elongate and stretch out the decorative stitches.
  • Needle up/down button – this button allows you to start and stop with the needle in the down position if it is highlighted.
  • Locking stitch – allows you to do a simple locking stitch rather than having to backstitch to finish off your sewing.
  • Reverse stitch button – this button is located close to where your hands are while you are sewing so your hands can stay close to the project while you are sewing.
  • Start/stop button – this button allows you to sew without the use of the foot pedal. this would be helpful if you like to sew standing up or if you have a sore foot from a long day sewing.
  • Automatic needle threader – this feature makes threading the needle so easy! Definitely makes threading a needle a cinch.
  • Top loading bobbin – this is a great feature also as it allows you to be able to see how much thread you have left on your bobbin. There is also no need to oil any parts and no replacing of parts, such as the bobbin case.
  • Adjustable pressure on the presser foot – this allows you to adjust the pressure on the presser foot. This is very handy if you are sewing multiple layers of fabric or if you are sewing delicate fabrics, as it allows for the fabric to go under the presser foot with ease.
  • Removable extension table – when this extension table is removed it allows you to sew cuffs or pant legs with ease. There is also a little storage compartment within the extension table as well.

So as you can see this machine is jam packed with loads of useful features that actually make your sewing experience a breeze.

You can this machine from your local Janome specialist or you can check it out online here. Don’t forget to check out the customer reviews while you’re there.

Do you have the same sewing machine? I would love to know what you love about the machine. Leave a comment below or contact me here.

Happy sewing!