I love buying new sewing gadgets. I think having a tool or gadget to make a little task easier makes your sewing adventures that much more enjoyable. Also, making sewing easy, is my mission. Hence the website name – Easy Sewing for Beginners :). See my intro video  for this foot or read on for more information.

See the Intro Video for My New Janome Rotary Even Foot


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 The Janome Rotary Even Foot

janomerotaryevenfootThis foot kind of reminds me of an army tank. It has two tractor wheels, which are rubbery and bumpy. This foot is suitable for all sewing machines that have snap on feet. The rotary even foot would be handy for any types of materials that are prone to slipping or shifting while sewing. Stretchy, hard to feed fabric or fabrics with a pile would be an ease to sew with using the rotary even foot. This foot works in a similar way to a walking foot, as the tractor wheels help move the top layer of fabric through at the same rate as the lower layer of fabric. This foot does cost more than a walking foot, but it does come with some extra attachments that could easily make up for the extra cost.

Blind Hem Attachment

blindhemattachmentThe blind hem attachment would be handy for sewing hems on clothing where you do not want the sewn line to be seen from the outside of the clothing. I have the separate version of this foot already, as it came with my Janome DC4030 when I bought it, But I would be interested in seeing how well this attachment works compared to the seperate foot.


rolledhemattachmentRolled Hem Attachments

When you buy the set you get three different rolled hem attachment sizes. You get a 1/4″, 3/4″ and 1″ size rolled hem attachment. To buy these three feet for your sewing machine alone would cost you close to the same price as the rotary even foot set. I can’t wait to try these out.

biastapeattachmentBias Tape Attachment

This attachment allows you to sew on bias binding tape, either pre-made or home made. This attachment can be adjusted to sew on bias tape up to 20mm wide. This sounds like a great attachment with versatility, so I’m looking forward to testing out just how helpful this attachment is.

I’ll be testing the capabilities of this foot and it’s attachments in the coming weeks so be sure to keep an eye on future posts. You can either do this by subscribing to my newsletter (See the sign-up form in the right hand column), subscribing to my RSS feed or even subscribing to my YouTube channel.

You can find the Janome Rotary Even Foot online on Amazon here or find it on eBay here.

Do you have this foot? I would love to hear your thoughts about it. Do you think it’s worth the money? Leave your comments down below.


Happy sewing!