So about a month back I posted all about The (Secret) Toy Society and what it was all about (you can see that post here). I’ve got a quick update for you on how that all went. If you haven’t got the time to go back and read the post I’ll give you a quick overview of The (Secret) Toy Society and why it’s so awesome.

secrettoysocietyThe (Secret) Toy Society

This movement is basically about making a handmade toy, packaging it up with the labels and letter that the Society provides and leaving the toy in a spot where some unsuspecting stranger can find it. Why should you do it? Simply because it’s a random act of kindness. By doing a toy drop you are creating some happiness for someone in the world and this all helps towards making the world a better place.

My Toy Drop

I decided to ‘drop’ my sock monkey in a playground to increase the chances of a young child finding it. You can check out the DROPPED details here. I think it was because I liked the idea of a child finding it, but after seeing some of the other ‘Found’ notices on The (Secret) Toy Society’s website, I realised that adults love finding them too.

The sock monkey didn’t have to be waiting around in that plastic bag for too long from reading the FOUND details. It really warmed my heart to read the lovely letter from the family that found the sock monkey, Now called ‘Mou Mou’. I did the toy drop to create some happiness for someone else through the random act of kindness, but at the same time feel good within myself for doing it as well. To get a thank you and such kind words from the family felt awesome. It was really was the icing on the already fulfilling cake!

Don’t Forget That You Can Do It Too!

In my last post I had a step-by-step process with all the relevant links to become a toy dropper (scroll down to the bottom of this post). Or you go straight to The (Secret) Toy Society website.

Have you ‘dropped’ a toy recently? I would love to hear from you if you have. Even if you have a question about it, feel free to ask. The more people involve in creating some happiness through a random act of kindness like this, the better the world will be I think!

Happy sewing.