Depressed and sad woman in kitchenAfter preparing and cooking food for over 3 hours yesterday, it got me thinking about why people see cooking as an essential part of any day, but do not hold sewing as an essential part of the day as well.

3 Hours of Cooking

I couldn’t help but think about all the things I could have been sewing instead of cooking. Although I was cooking for a very special day here in Australia. It was Father’s Day! Could I have spent that cooking time sewing up something extra special just for my awesome husband and excellent Dad to our little girl? Hmm…probably.

I think the reason why I love sewing so much is the fact that you can put hours into cutting and sewing some random pieces of fabric in just the right way and come up with a beautiful gift made with love and full of positive energy. The person who receives the gift has the option of keeping it for the rest of their lives and even passing it down in the family if they see it to be valuable enough.

With food, you don’t really have that option. You can put all your love into something beautiful, putting in just the right ingredients to make, say…a cake. But at the end of the day the cake needs to be eaten and that’s that. You can’t really keep it as a memory of the love and thought that someone put into making that cake, but you do have the memory of it in your mind I suppose.

The Value of Sewing Skills

I love food and I love eating food, but I don’t like spending lots of my time preparing a dish that is going to disappear into people’s mouths. I love spending the time cutting and sewing bits of fabric to create something for someone where it can be either worn, admired or put in a place to be looked at. I feel like sewing is time better spent, as you are creating something that holds more value in peoples lives.

Seamstress working at the sewing machineTherefore, in my mind I see gaining new sewing skills as more important than cooking skills as sewing skills holds more value. Both sets of skills still bring joy and are essential to life in our society, but sewing being a more valuable skill to learn and have.

So why is sewing a dying art? (Is sewing a dying art??) I know many people don’t see the value in sewing like I do. Is it the fact that we are so busy in our lives that it’s just too easy to go and buy clothes or presents? Do we value money more than having the skills to create valuable things for ourselves and others?

What’s your view on this? Would love to hear your thoughts. Leave your comments below to join in the conversation.