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In This Episode

  • Where I’ve been for the last two months
  • Getting back into the habit of sewing
  • A great Craftsy class for beginner sewers
  • a quick tip to prolong the life of your tension discs

Keep scrolling to find links to things I’ve talked about in this episode…

See a cute pic of Jordan (and Elyse) on my previous blog post

Leo Babauta’s website

The Power of Habit book – Find it on Amazon* or The Book Depository*

How to Create a Habit Flowchart PDF from The Power of Habit showing you how to create a habit

Listen to an interview with Charles Duhigg on The Good Life Project Podcast with Jonathan Fields

Check out the recommended Craftsy class for beginning sewers

This is the other Craftsy class similar to the first one

Happy Listening 🙂