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In this Easy Sewing for Beginners Podcast I chat to Trixi Symonds from Coloured Buttons all about her sewing adventures and her newest creation, Sew A Softie Day!

Hear more about Sew A Softie and how you can participate. If there was anything that we talked about during the show that you would like to find out more about, then keep on scrolling to find the podcast notes!

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What We Talked About in the Show:


Sew A Softie Day – Find out more and get involved through the Facebook group

Find all the bloggers who are getting involved with Sew A Softie Day and links to their tutorials (if they have been published)

Participate in Sew A Softie Day by posting your photos of your handmade softies or of you participating in Sew A Softie Day to Instagram with the Hashtag #sasday2016 Don’t forget to share your creations in the Facebook group as well!

You’ll be in the draw to win the fabulous prizes Trixi talks about!

You can find Trixi’s Zenki softie tutorial over at Coloured Buttons from the 1st July.

Trixi’s Tool Recommendation

Wax/Chinagraph pencil.  This pencil is great for drawing on the felt and will easily rub off when you’re finished. I’m getting one to try it out!


My Resource Recommendation

sewing-school book

The Sewing School Book by Amie Petronis Plumley and Andria Lisle – A great book for any child looking to get into hand sewing. You can check it out on Amazon or if you live in Australia I recommend checking out Book Depository.

Thanks for listening and happy sewing,

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ESFB Podcast #007 Chatting with Trixi Symonds about Sew a Softie Day and hand sewing with children