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In this Easy Sewing for Beginners Podcast I chat to Emily Thompson from Nap-Time Creations all about sewing with knit fabrics!

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What We Talked About in the Show:

  • How knit fabric is different to other fabrics
  • The best needle to use when sewing with knit fabrics and the difference it can make to your sewing
  • Which presser foot to use when sewing with knit fabrics
  • The different stitches to use when sewing with knit fabrics and why you shouldn’t use a regular old straight stitch!
  • A great tip for getting starting for knit fabric
  • Do you need to prewash knit fabrics?
  • Sewing hems on knit fabrics with a regular sewing machine – twin needles  (and yes you can get a twin stretch needle) and woolly nylon
  • Emily’s Facebook sewing group Nap-Time creations Sewing Group
  • See the Facebook video where Emily sews a pair of pyjamas from start to finish….and her daughter in the background is just the cutest!
  • Emily’s Pattern shop where you can find her patterns and here you can find her FREE ones
  • Emily’s sewing story
  • Rose’s adoption story

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The best place to find Emily is Nap-Time Creations or her Facebook group.

Happy listening everyone!