Baby Pacifier Clip Tutorial


Step by step video and photo instructions for how to make a pacifier clip with ribbon



This project is super quick and easy for a beginner sewer and the fact that these pacifier clips are so useful makes them a must make!
The pacifier clips are great for keeping pacifiers/binkys/dummys from falling to the ground and being lost forever. Not to mention all the goobers that these things can attract when on the floor! The clips are also fantastic for clipping toys and teethers to the pram, jolly jumper and just about whatever you can add a clip onto.
A must sew simple project. These little things are great for gifts too!

Loved this tutorial? Consider purchasing the THANK YOU edition for $1 USD. Why? Because I love making these tutorials to inspire others to take up the craft of sewing by making it as easy and step-by-step as possible. It may be silly putting this out there, but it may enable me to someday make this my day job! You can find it by typing in ‘pacifier tute’ in the Craftsy search bar. 🙂

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  1. LaVoughnKrueger

    Awesome !!!

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