How to Make a Tutu with a No Sew Tutu Option


Step by step instructions for how to make a tutu with a no sew tutu option



My daughter and a couple of her friends recently went to The Fairies concert and I needed a skirt that was quick and easy to make and super cute. These tutus were just the things and the girls absolutely loved them!

This Download has a link to my video tutorial within the PDF so you can see me make one step-by-step. It takes all the stress away from trying to decipher those written instructions! (although I have included photos along with the instructions)

Included in the PDF is a custom size guide formula so you can make one for any size! That includes you! So be sure to do the calculations so you know the ‘what’ and ‘how much’ when it comes to purchasing supplies.


  1. Walt

    I just wanted you to know that soonmee is using the above picture wuth the little girl on their facebook to try to sell these tutu’s. She has pics stolen from various boutiques all in one album claiming she can recreate the item pictured. Since a child is in the pic I wanted to make sure you were aware.

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