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A few people have asked me recently about getting a kids sewing machine that was inexpensive but also wasn’t a toy that operated on batteries. I came across this machine of eBay recently and thought I would give it try. Watch the video below or scroll down to see a general overview of the pros and cons of this sewing machine, which is the Elna Mini if you are in Australia and the Janome Sew Mini if you are in the US.

or watch it here on YouTube

The Pros of the Elna Mini (or Janome Sew Mini)


Elna Mini (if you are in Australia)


Janome Sew Mini (if you are in the US)

  • It’s an inexpensive sewing machine, but at the same time it does the job of a sewing machine, as opposed to a toy sewing machine. I’m in Australia and I found my Elna Mini on eBay* for $69 plus postage. I have seen the Janome Sew Mini on Amazon* with free shipping if you are in the US.
  • It’s very easy to use. It is threaded and the bobbin is loaded the same way as other Janome or Elna sewing machines. I will have more tutorials coming out soon to show you how to do this if you want to see more on how to get this sewing machine set up and ready to use.
  • 8 stitches to choose from. This machine has one dial and can be turned either way to choose from varying lengths of straight stitch and varying widths of zigzag stitch. This is a good point for a young sewer as sewing machines can be very overwhelming when you start looking at all the dials, knobs, stitch choices and various other do dads you might find on them.
  • Very small and light weight. It’s about 2.2kgs or 5lbs. This machine would be very easy to move around the house, take away on holidays with you or even just store in the cupboard without taking up too much space.
  • One slowish sewing speed. This is good for a beginning sewer as it can be easy to lose control of your sewing if you’re accidentally a bit heavy on the foot pedal.
  • Power operated. Toy sewing machines are generally battery operated, which adds to the cost of the sewing machine gradually, so it’s great to be able to plug the machine into the wall socket and sew.

 The Cons

  • No built in light. This can be annoying if you sew in a poorly lit room. You can get inexpensive LED lights that stick onto your sewing machine or you could sew with a lamp behind the machine or even just sew in a well lit room if it’s available.
  • The foot pedal doubles as an on/off switch. There is no switch on the side to turn the machine on and off. Once you plug it in, it’s on and you would need to remember to turn it off at the wall and unplug it when you are done.
  • No room for growth. This machine is basic so if your child does take to sewing and wants to try different things like sewing a button hole or just using a different foot, this machine wouldn’t allow for that.

Overall, this machine would be great if you’re not sure if you’re child will like sewing. If the machine ends up sitting in the cupboard then there’s no real great financial loss, but you would still have a sewing machine that you could use for mending or little projects every now and then.

It’s important to mention that this machine probably won’t last forever. It does have a lot of plastic parts and a lot of use would wear it out quickly. For the inexpensive price, it is a great option over a toy sewing machine any day.  So whether you a looking for a kids sewing machine or a machine for you if you are a very occasional sewer, this machine is definitely worth considering.

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24 March, 2014


  1. Gwen

    Hi I’m trying to get an Elna mini for my 8 yr old on ebay or a Janome new Home on Amazon and no luck so far as Amazon won’t ship to Australia. Any tips?

    • Domenica Tootell

      I got mine from eBay, but they haven’t got them listed on there anymore by the looks of it. I’ve also seen them in Spotlight stores. I wouldn’t get it from Amazon if you’re in Australia as it will have a different power plug and would be too much of a hassle to get an adapter for it. Sometimes I think it would be great to live in the US because I could buy so many things from Amazon, but then I probably wouldn’t have any money left either! lol!
      Sorry I couldn’t have been of more help.



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