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One of the great things about sewing is it lends itself so nicely to the skill of multitasking and, as a Mum of a busy toddler, this is something that I’m getting very good at. I think I hear you asking the question “so how do you multitask while sewing??” Well, I listen to podcasts and any type of audio really. It’s one of my obsessions. When you just love hearing new information and just love learning in general, podcasts can be a good way to learn on the go.

I have struggled to find any good podcasts on the subject of sewing (and that’s why I’m starting my own), but this podcast has to have come the closest in terms of interesting to listen to and with some great sewing tips along the way.

The American Patchwork and Quilting Podcast

The American Patchwork and Quilting Podcast is hosted by Pat Sloan and it’s a weekly podcast, so you know you’ll have a new podcast there each week. Pat usually interviews quilt pattern designers, authors and shop owners and mainly focuses on quilting. I’m not big on quilting, but I’ll take what I can get. I like hearing about new books that quilters are releasing and just generally getting connected with other sewers online. Sometimes, they will talk about a sewing tip or two. If anything you should listen out for Pat’s laugh. It’s the cutest and sounds even cuter on a faster speed (I like to speed the audio up so I can listen to more, more, more!)

the editing is a bit dodgy sometimes, but you can listen to this podcast live here on Toginet Radio on Mondays at 4pm EST (GMT -4:00 for those of you, like me, in other parts of the world). I like the convenience of the podcast because I can listen to it at anytime that is convenient for me.

You can also find Pat on her blog here.

How Do You Listen to Podcasts?

rssradioI listen to podcasts on my iPod Touch and even though they do have a native Podcast app I prefer to listen to podcasts with the RSS Radio app. I love RSS Radio because it’s so easy to use and the biggest thing I love is the ability to be able to speed up the audio in .1 increments. On many apps you can choose 1.5 times the normal speed and even up to 3 times normal speed. I usually like to listen at 1.3 times normal speed. Anymore than that and my brain goes into shutdown mode and I don’t listen. This app is also awesome because you can try it out for free with a limited amount of podcast subscriptions and then purchase the app (for a couple of dollars, I think) if you find it suits you. I like apps like that!

Do you listen to this podcast or do you have other favourite podcasts that you listen to? Do you use a different app to listen to podcasts? I would really love to know how people listen to podcasts on Android and Windows phones as well. Let me know in the comments section below.

Until next time, happy listening to podcasts while sewing!


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3 June, 2014

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