The Backstitch for Hand Embroidery

How to do a Backstitch video tutorial!

How to do backstitch for hand embroidery video tutorial!

The backstitch for hand embroidery is a versatile stitch and I’ll be showing you exactly how to do it in this video tutorial. The backstitch is a great stitch for embroidering a sold line, which makes it great for text as well. You can colour lines with your embroidery floss when doing the backstitch!

Let’s get started with the tutorial. Scroll down to find the video tutorial followed by the photo tutorial.

embroidery sampler yellow backstitch curve

Have you tried the running stitch? Check out my video tutorial here!

How to do a running stitch video tutorial

How to Backstitch for Hand Embroidery

What You will need:

You may like to check out these tutorials if you need help with getting your fabric ready in the embroidery hoop and the needle threaded up and ready to stitch.

Step by Step Video for How to do the Backstitch

Or you can watch it here on YouTube

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The Stab Method for the Backstitch

Start the backstitch the same way as you would start the running stitch,┬ájust like in the photo illustration below. Oh, and I’m left handed so I’m sewing left to right. You’ll probably want to work from right to left if you’re right handed ?.

how to begin a backstitch video tutorial

The next step is to go back to the end of the last stitch and poke the needle through the same hole (or close to) of that last stitch. See the photo illustration below.

how to do a backstitch video tutorial hand embroidery for beginners

Here’s what the backstitch looks like when you have done a few in a row. Just like colouring in with thread! How awesome!

longer backstitch example

Want to know how to do an invisible stitch?? Check out this video tutorial to see how!

whipstitch and ladder stitch comparison

The Sewing Method for the Backstitch

With the sewing method you start the same way as the stab method. When it comes to the next stitch, go back to the end of the previous stitch and create the next stitch all in one go. Check out the photo illustration below.

backstitch using the sewing method

The backstitch is perfect for embroidery text! There are many other stitches that you could use, but the backstitch would be the easiest of them all.

elyse backstitched name

I hope you’ve found this tutorial useful and don’t forget to share it with others to spread the love of learning!

Until next time, happy sewing!


How to do Backstitch square


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20 June, 2017

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