How to Completely Retack Your ScanNCut Mat

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If your ScanNCut mat has completely lost its tack and you have tried this method for cleaning it then it may be time for a new mat…..or not! I will show you exactly how I retack (restick) my ScanNCut mat to make the mat as good as new, if not better. This will definitely save you a bit of money. Those ScanNCut mats* are not the cheapest to buy.

below is a step by step video showing you what you will need and exactly how to do it. If you prefer photo instructions, then keep on scrolling.

If you still have questions after you’ve watched the video or seen the photo instructions then just pop them in the comments section at the end and I’ll endeavour to help you out!

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What You Will Need:

retack scanncut mat what you'll need

How to Retack or Restick Your ScanNCut Mat

Step 1. Apply the goo dissolver onto the mat. Spread it around so it is covering all the old glue on the mat and allow to sit for about 60 seconds.

01 apply goo dissolver to ScanNCut mat

Step 2. use paper towel to start wiping off the old glue. You may need to use a bit of pressure here. You can also use an old card to act as a scraper to make the process a bit quicker.

02 use paper towel to remove the blue

Using a card as a scraper can make the process of removing the old glue a lot quicker.

03 card scrapper works well too

Step 3. Wash the mat with hot soapy water to remove the greasy residue left by the goo dissolver.

Step 4. Tape around the cutting area with masking tape* or painters tape. This will stop the new glue from sticking to the area that goes under the rollers in the ScanNCut machine. You don’t want to be clogging up the rollers.

04 use masking tape to frame cutting area

Step 5. Pour about half a teaspoon of Aleene’s Tack-It Over and Over* into a cup.

05 our half tablespoon of glue into cup

Step 6. Using the sponge brush, apply the new glue by wiping the mat using horizontal strokes. I don’t think the stroke direction really matters, but just try to keep it consistent.

06 apply glue to mat

step 7. Allow the glue to dry. This may take 30 minutes or so.

Step 8. Remove the masking tape once the glue has dried.

07 remove masking tape

And you are done! Now your ScanNCut mat will be as good as new, if not better!

08 perfect retacked mat

If you want to play around with changing the tackiness of the glue, then I recommend laminating some paper and using this as a pretend cutting mat (not to actually put into the machine!) to test the tackiness of mixing the glue and water together.

From my testing I did find that mixing 50% glue with 50% water produced a similar tack to using 100% glue, but it actually made my mat stickier. Meaning paper and card would stick to it more, making it hard to get the materials off without ripping them. This annoyed me.

To get a tack similar to that of a low tack mat I recommend trying 25% glue to 75% water.

I hope you’ve found this tutorial helpful! The idea of retacking a mat can be scary, but it is better than the mat just sitting around because nothing is sticking to it anymore! Give it a go and save yourself a bit of money in the meantime! You have nothing to lose ?.

Happy scanning and cutting!


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