DIY Emergency Sewing Kit

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DIY Emergency Sewing Kit

These DIY emergency sewing kits are so handy to keep in your handbag for emergencies, or they make great gifts for your non-sewing friends. Perfect little Christmas presents I say!

I’ve used an empty mints container, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t use a Altoids, Tic Tac container or something similar. below your find links to everything you need and a full video tutorial as well.

What You’ll Need to Make an Emergency Sewing Kit

What you'll need to make an emergency sewing kit

You can purchase this project PDF, which will include all the extra files needed from my Etsy or Craftsy Store (these links coming very soon)

DIY Emergency Sewing Kit Video

or watch it here on YouTube

Step by Step Photo Instructions

Step 1

Prepare the rectangular pieces of cardstock to wrap the thread around. You can use the cut file or simply cut small rectangular shapes, with grooves to separate the threads, by hand with scissors. You could also

Prepare the rectangular pieces of cardstock for holding the needles, pins and safety pins.


Step 2

Prepare approximately 1 meter/yard of thread ready to wrap around the rectangular cardstock for the thread.

wind the thread around the cardstock and secure thread. Repeat with the other colors.

Add the needle threader under the threads, if desired.


Step 3

Add the needles, pins and safety pins to the other piece of rectangular cardstock.

I tend to add 2 needles, 4 pins and 3 safety pins of varying sizes.


Step 4

Add the thread, pins and needles to the mints container.

Add any other bits you think would be useful in the emergency sewing kit. I like to add the fold up scissors and an assortment of buttons.


Add a label on the mints container, if desired.

zz completed emergency sewing kit

I hope you’ve found this tutorial for DIY emergency sewing kits useful and you’re inspired to go and make some of your own now!

Until next time, happy sewing.


DIY Emergency Sewing Kit Contents


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8 December, 2018

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