Easy Fabric Christmas Tree Ornaments to Sew


In this tutorial today I’ll be showing you how to make an easy fabric Christmas tree ornament. The fabric Christmas tree ornaments can be kept very simple for a complete beginner or you can jazz it up by using a few different fabrics and embellishments like I show you in the video (keep scrolling for the full video tutorial).

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You can find the full video tutorial below the list of ‘what you will need’ for the project.

Materials Needed to Sew a Fabric Christmas Tree Ornament

  • Christmas Fabric – 4 different kinds if you want to do the 4 coloured kind – cut to 6″ x 8 1/2″
  • Backing fabric cut to 6″ x 6 1/2″
  • Batting or felt cut to 6″ x 6 1/2″ or slightly larger
  • Ricrac or ribbon for the loop
  • Sewing machine thread
  • Frixion pen or a pen of some sort to mark onto fabric
  • Template (optional) Fill in the form below to download

Tools Needed to Sew a Fabric Christmas Tree Ornament

  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • ruler
  • Rotary Cutter and cutting mat (optional)
  • Iron
  • Pressing mat or ironing board
  • chopstick

Watch the Full Video Tutorial Below

Watch the quick video or see it on YouTube here

Step By Step Instructions for How to Sew a Fabric Christmas Tree Ornament

Step 1

Start by gathering your desired Christmas fabrics. If you are keeping it simple you only need once piece of Christmas fabric cut to 6″ x 6 1/2″ and then skip to the next relevant step. Other wise, ensure you have 4 kinds of Christmas fabric cut to 6″ x 8 1/2″

Step 2

Layer the 4 fabrics on top of each other, ensuring the prints are running the correct way. It always annoys me if a print is upside down. Cut your fabric into 4 wedges. Accuracy doesn’t matter much here so you can just eyeball the size of the wedges.

Step 3

Arrange your fabrics into the desired order. As you can see you will end up sewing 4 of these at a time. Efficient!

Step 4

Pin the pieces together before you start sewing, as the pieces can get mixed up easily.

Step 5

Sew the wedges together using a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Step 6

Press the seams to ensure your new rectangle of pieced fabric is laying flat.

Now is the time to sew on the ricrac along each seam to give a ‘tinsel’ looking effect.

Step 7

using the downloadable template (found in the ‘Materials Needed’ section above), or you can draw your own Christmas tree shape, trace the Christmas tree outline onto the back on the backing fabric.

If you would like to print on fabric and use that as your backing fabric you can see the full tutorial for that here.

How to print of fabric video tutorial

Step 8

Layer your fabric ready for sewing. Ensure you have your batting (or felt) on the bottom, followed by the front Christmas tree fabric with right side facing up and then the backing fabric with right side facing down.

Ensure you have transferred the ‘leave open’ marks onto your fabric to ensure you leave an opening for turning the fabric Christman tree right side out!

Step 9

starting from the bottom ‘leave open’ mark, Sew the layers together using a 1/4″ seam allowance. Ensure to backstitch at the beginning and end so you don’t undo your stitching when you are turning the tree right sides out.

Step 10

Cut off the excess fabric.

Remove as much of the excess fabric from the corners to get a nicely turned out corner.

Remove a wedge of fabric from the inner corners to reduce the amount of puckering here.

Step 11

Turn the trees right sides out. Use the chopstick to gently push all the corners out.

Step 12

Press the fabric Christmas tree to get it as flat as possible ready for topstitching. This is a good time to pay attention to the opening and line up the edges as best you can.

Step 13

topstitch as close to the edge as you feel comfortable. Use the chopstick to help push the fabric through when you turn those corners.

You could use this time to sew on a star-shaped button or even use round buttons as baubles!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial for how to sew a fabric Christmas tree ornament. I’d love to see how yours turn out. Find me on social media and send a photo through!

Until next time, happy sewing!



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14 November, 2019


  1. vicky myers

    I love the use of fabric scraps for such beautiful decorations

    • Domenica Tootell

      Thank you Vicky! I’m glad you like them and thanks for stopping by ?

  2. Staci

    These are so sweet! Of all my fabric scraps, I have the hardest time parting with the holiday prints. This is a great way to use those up!

    • Domenica Tootell

      Thanks Staci! Definitely a good way to use up those scraps. I have a habit of buying the holiday prints after Christmas when they get reduced to clear as I find them hard to walk past! I had a lot of holiday prints to choose from!

  3. Anna

    They’re very cute!

    • Domenica Tootell

      Thank you Anna!

  4. Julie

    A brilliant way to use those teeny tiny scraps that we all hate to throw away!

    • Domenica Tootell

      Sure is. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Domenica Tootell

      Thanks! The tinsel adds that extra bit of sparkle for sure!

  5. eva

    I can’t seem to find the template download link for this cute christmas tree:(

    • Domenica Tootell

      Hi Eva,

      Look for the pick box just under the list of materials needed. I hope that helps.

  6. Damjana


    looove these, especially because these cute little trees give me another excuse to use rick rack trim in a project!


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