How to Thread a Needle! Easy, but Different to the Traditional Way!

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Here’s a great technique for how to thread a needle. This technique is easy, but different from any other way you would have seen for threading a needle.

I’ve included a video tutorial but if you want to check out the technique by reading and looking at the photos then scroll on.

You might like to use this technique along with the ladder stitch to do some invisible sewing!

How to do an invisible stitch how to do a ladder stitch featured image with more photos

Materials Needed for How to Thread a Needle

  • Hand Sewing Needle (you may need one with a larger eye to accommodate two strands of thread)
  • Thread

Step By Step Instructions for Threading a Needle

Watch the quick video or see it on YouTube here

Step 1

Start by cutting a length of thread. If I’m sewing with one strand of thread I tend to measure a length of thread that’s about the same length as my arm. You”’ also need a hand sewing needle. It would be helpful to have a needle with a slightly larger eye while you are practising this method for threading a needle, but once you get the hang of it you can do it with just about any needle.

place the thread over the palm of your non preferred hand. I’m left handed so I place the thread over my right palm. Ensure the thread is going across your palm at the base of your fingers. See the image below for an example.

Step 2

Place the eye of the needle over the thread, just below your index finger.

Step 3

Apply slight pressure to the eye of the needle over the thread and move the needle back and forth over the thread. Only the slightest of movement is needed here.

Almost like magic the thread will start to come up through the eye of the needle!

Step 4

Once the thread has come up through the eye of the needle then you can pull the rest of the thread through.

Step 5

Once the rest of thread is through you are ready to tie a knot or even start sewing without tying a knot.

You have now learnt how to thread a needle using a slightly different method to the traditional way!

If you’re interested in seeing my handy little tip for how to tie a knot in thread then check out this tutorial! A perfect little trick after you’ve threaded the needle

How to tie a knot in thread using a quilters knot featured image

You might like to also check this video out on YouTube for a handy hidden secret in your spool of thread!

For more Sewing How Tos be sure to check out my collection of video tutorials here!

Give this method of threading a needle a try and let me know how you go!

Until next time, happy sewing!



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10 July, 2019

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