How to Sew a Fabric Book Panel


Fabric book panels are one of my favourite things to sew as a present for a baby. They tend to be easy to come by as many of mine have been found in a fabric store or on eBay.

I will be using the fabric book panel called ‘A Bazooples Day’, as it is very forgiving, especially if the printing on the panel is a bit skewed.

I have made a video (in 3 parts) to make understanding the instructions even easier for you as a beginning sewer. I have also written the instructions as a quick reference guide. Let me know how you go!

Materials Needed:

  • Fabric book panel – A BaZooples Day
  • Thin Wadding/Batting or Fleece (I used a thin polyester wadding)
  • Thread

Tools Needed:

  • Sewing machine (I’m using my DC4030)
  • Pins
  • Needle for hand sewing
  • Walking foot (If you have one. Otherwise your standard foot should be ok)
  • Cutting tools – rotary cutter, ruler and cutting mat or scissors and fabric marker of some sort
  • Turning and stuffing tool or a chopstick or pencil

 Video Instruction Steps 1-4 (Part 1 of 3)

Or watch it on YouTube.

cutoutthefabricbookpagesStep 1 – Cut out the fabric pages

I find the rotary cutter is good to use here because the fabric page edges are all straight so I just need to line up the ruler and cut.

Step 2 – Make sure that the right pages are going to be sewn together

Make sure that the pages are right sides facing in (the wrong side of the fabric should be on the outside now). Also, make sure that one page isn’t upside down (I’ve done that before and not realized until I turned it right side out!)

Step 3 – Cut the wadding/batting for the inside of the book pages

I like to cut the wadding/batting slightly bigger than the book pages, as the excess can always be cut off after sewing the page pieces together.

Step 4 – Pin the book pages together ready for sewing

Place pins 2-3” apart. Use double pins to mark where you will be leaving an opening for turning. The opening should be about 2-3”.

Video Instructions Steps 5-8 (Part 2 of 3)

Or watch it on YouTube.

Step 5 – Sew the layers for each page together

I like to use my walking foot here, as there will be a bit of bulk going through the machine. I also change the pressure of the presser foot to accommodate for the bulk.

Remember to start and finish at the double pins with a reverse stitch.

Step 6 – Trim off the excess wadding/batting and trim off the corners of each page

Step 7 – Turn the pages right side out and push out the corners

I also like to give the pages a press with the iron. This also gives you a guide line when you go to ladder stitch the opening closed.

ladderstitchStep 8 – Sew up the openings using a ladder stitch

I could try to explain how to do a ladder stitch here, but it would probably be best to watch the video for this.

Video Instructions Steps 9-10 (Part 3 of 3)

Or watch it on YouTube.

Step 9 – Pin the pages together ready to sew

Once your pages are in order, place approx. 3 pins going up the centre of the book to hold all the pages together. This will indicate where you need to sew along.

If you want to be spot on in the centre, you could use a ruler and measure to work out where the centre is and mark with a removable fabric marker.

abazooplesdayfabricbookStep 10 – Sew the pages together.

For extra strength, I like to sew two lines of straight stitch down the centre with about ¼ “ in between.

Snip the threads off and you are done!

I hope you have found this tutorial helpful. Let me know how you go with the instructions if you gave it a go. Did you have any issues? Did it all go smoothly?

You can also find many other fabric book panels to try as well if you enjoyed sewing this one.

You can also check out the BaZooples website to see what other things they have available in the BaZooples range. You’ll be amazed with what they have.


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27 May, 2015

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