How to Sew on a Button


Once you see how to sew a button on you’ll realise just how easy it is.  No longer will you have an excuse to leave that buttonless piece of clothing in the cupboard. I hope I can inspire you to mend those buttons with this easy video tutorial.

Or watch it on YouTube

You will need:

Fabric or clothing to sew the button on to



Pins or a toothpick to create the shank

How to Sew a Button in 5 Steps


Step 1

Step 1: Place the pins in place to help create the shank (the space between the button and the fabric). You won’t need a shank if the button is decorative just sew it straight on.  This should be in the exact place where you will be sewing on the button.

Step 2: Ensure your needle is threaded and that the thread is doubled over and knotted at the bottom. Put the thread through the fabric, coming from the back on the fabric and through to the front.

Step 3: Put the button onto the thread and, while holding the button in place, put the thread through the next hole. Ensure the thread is going around the pins as well. Repeat this until you have looped through the button 5-6 times. Repeat with the other two holes. If you only have two holes on the button, you’re ready for the next step.


Step 4

Step 4: Remove the pins. Put the thread through the fabric and bring it out so it is in between the fabric and the button. Wrap the thread under the button three or four times to help form the shank a bit more.

Step 5: put the thread back through the fabric so it is coming out of the back. Sew the thread around a couple of the existing stitches. Repeat this step a couple more times, but secure the thread by threading the needle through the loop you see just before you finish pulling the thread all the way though. Snip the excess thread and you have sewn on your button.

Yay! If these written instructions don’t make sense then watch the video. I’m much better at showing how to do something through a video than I am at explaining it through writing.


A sewn on button!

I hope this has been helpful for you! Leave a comment below or contact me on Facebook or Twitter to tell me about your sewing adventures.

Until next time, happy sewing.



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10 April, 2013

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