How to Update Your Brother ScanNCut

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When I invest a whole heap of money into a machine like a Brother ScanNCut I want it to last. When It came to doing the updates for it, I felt really reluctant, maybe because I didn’t want to break my lovely machine. But, It needed to be done because the new features that came with the previous update proved to be really useful. I worked out how to do it and there wasn’t one issue with the whole process. Nothing to be worried about after all.

I’ve created this tutorial for you to make the process as easy as possible for you. You can watch me do it on the video down below or just scroll through the photo instructions. Enjoy!

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How to Update Your Brother ScanNCut Step by Step Video Instructions


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How to Update Your Brother ScanNCut Step by Step Photo Instructions

You will need:

  • A computer with an internet connection
  • A blank USB storage device
  • Your ScanNCut

1. Firstly, go to


2. You should automatically be redirected to the Brother support page relevant for your country. If not you will need to select the region and country you are in first.

Select the ‘Downloads’ option.

02 click on downloads

3. Scroll down a tad until you see the ‘ScanNCut iCraft and Cutting’ category. Alternatively, you can search by typing in your model number instead.

03 click on Scan n cut

4. Select the series that’s applicable to you. The ‘CM Series’ is the only option for me.

04 click on CM series

5. Select the model number of your machine. Some countries have different model numbers available. It should be written on the top of your machine just under the ScanNCut logo if you’re unsure of yours.

05 select your model number

6. Select which operating system you use and the version, if needed. I have a Mac so that’s what I’m going with.

06 select operating system and version

7. Click on the ‘Update Software’ option.

07 select update software

8. Read through the End-User License Agreement and click on the blue button to download.

08 agree to the EULA

9. At this stage you may have a box pop up to save the download. If you can, save it directly to your USB. It may go straight into a downloads folder so in this case, you’ll need to transfer it onto the USB after.

09 save to USB

10. You should also see the ‘How to Install’ instructions on the screen once your download has started.

10 how to install instructions

11. If you scroll down past the instructions you will come to a bit that says ‘Update History Detail’. This will tell you the features that have been added to your machine with the update. You can also click on the link to go to a PDF document that goes into more detail about the new features.

11 download details

12. You can download these details to go into more detail about the updates or print it off to store with your original instruction manual.

12 downlaod update history detail

13. Eject the USB from the computer and we are ready to head over to the ScanNCut.

13 eject usb

14. To initiate the Update mode, hold down the load button and the power button at the same time for about one second.

14 press power and load button at the same time

15. You should now see the ‘Update’ screen below. Insert the USB first then tap the ‘Update’ option on the screen.

15 insert USB then press update

16. The update will start to do its thing. All you have to do is wait until the update reaches 100%.

16 updating do not turn off

17. Your update should be complete. You can now remove the USB and turn the machine off and on again ready to get scanning and cutting or check out the new features.

17 update complete

I hope this tutorial has helped you with knowing how to update your ScanNCut machine. Let me know how you’v’e gone in the comments below.

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Happy Scanning and cutting. I have some ‘how to cut fabric tutorials’ coming very soon. You can check out My ScanNCut Tutorials page here to see what I’ve added so far ?.




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25 January, 2016

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