My Favourite Tool for Turning and Stuffing Softies


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This has to be one of favourite sewing tools in my collection. It has made the task of turning and stuffing softies, especially limbs, so much easier. The chopstick just really didn’t cut it for me. This great tool is called the Puff Quilting Clip Set by Clover. It’s actual original purpose isn’t for turning and stuffing softies and tubes of fabric, but for making puff quilts (or also known as biscuit quilts). I think I made a couple of the little puffs out of curiosity once and that was it.

My sister first introduced me to this nifty little tool and I’m so glad she did! These are the reasons why you should invest in one of these if you do a lot of softie making or turning of tubes of fabric…or puff quilt making:

  1. Saves time – it can be very time consuming, and use up lots of patience, having to turn limbs for softies by hand. This little tool makes it so much quicker.
  2. Makes turning and stuffing easier – This tool really makes it easier to turn and stuff tubes of fabric or softie limbs. Stuffing softies can also be time consuming so it makes this task easier, too!
  3. Reduces fraying around the opening – When you are constantly sticking your fingers through the opening of your softie, there can be some extra fraying. This could impact the strength of the seam where the opening is and make it a bit harder to close up the seam nicely. This tool reduces that from happening.
  4. Puts the stuffing exactly where it needs to go – On the stick for the turning and stuffing tool is an end with two prongs. These little prongs help grip the stuffing/toy filling and hold onto it until you get it to wherever it needs to go. This includes the ends of limbs! Brilliant.
  5. Makes me happy to know that there is a useful tool that can save me a whole lot of frustration from the points above.

There is one downside to this nifty little stuffing tool and that is it’s restricted to a certain size and length of fabric tubing for turning. The purple stuffer is the smallest and if you were trying to turn a spaghetti strap for example, then it would have to be a pretty big spaghetti strap to get the purple tube in there for turning. I do have another turning tool that I like for turning smaller tubes of fabric, but I’ll save that for another post I think (you can now find that post here).

You can find the Clover Puff Quilting clip Set from your local sewing centre or online. You can also find them onĀ eBay and on Amazon.

Again, not essential in the world of sewing, but oh so handy when turning and stuffing.

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Happy sewing!

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22 July, 2013

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