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overcastfootThe overcast foot has to be included as one of my most favourite sewing machine feet, especially now that I’ve worked out what it’s for. This foot is so handy (hehe) because it allows you to finish off seams or raw edges just like a serger/overlocker would, but without the pricetag of having to buy a separate machine for that purpose. It would be great if you occasionally sew garments and just don’t have the need for a serger/overlocker just yet. You can watch the video below to see this foot close up. I use a Janome sewing machine so the foot you will see here is the one specifically for the Janome brand.

Or you can watch it here on YouTube

The Overcast Foot

Like I mentioned before this foot is great for finishing off your seams or raw edges nicely.there are some pros and cons to this foot that I can think of off the top of my head


  • It finishes off seams and raw edges nicely without needing a serger/overlocker
  • Saves you money and space on not having to buy and store a serger/overlocker
  • easy to use


  • Takes longer than a serger/overlocker to finish off the edges
  • You need to have the serger stitch available on your sewing machine to use it effectively


My serger stitch selection looks like the highlighted one above with the ‘M’ underneath it (on this machine the letter underneath tells you which foot to use for that particular stitch). Yours may look slightly different depending on what brand of machine you have. It’s best to check your sewing machine manual, as that’s how I worked out what this foot actually did!).

I’m currently saving up for an overlocker/serger for myself as I am getting into making clothes more. For the time being, this foot works perfectly.

Until next time, happy sewing!


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26 May, 2015

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