Practise Sewing on fabric

It’s time to start practicing your sewing on fabric! Don’t worry, it’ll be fun. You can watch the video below for an idea on how to get started.

If you feel that sewing of fabric is a bit of a daunting thought, then you might like to check out the previous lessons in the learn to sew series where you can practice sewing straight and curvy lines or practice pivoting all on downloadable and printable sewing practice sheets.

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Or watch the video here on YouTube

 Getting ready to sew on fabric

sewingonfabricYou don’t  need to use any fancy fabric for learning to sew on fabric. An old cut up shirt would do the trick nicely or you can find some second hand fabrics (usually never used) from op shops and second hand stores. If you want to use new fabric, calico, muslin or broadcloth are some good inexpensive and forgiving fabrics to practice sewing with. A rectangle, which is about the size of an A4 piece of blank copy paper should be fine.

I prepared my fabric by drawing some straight and zigzag lines with a ruler and a pen and I also traced a small bowl to have a circle to practice sewing a curved line. Really, you could just draw a circle and lines with a pen if you want to! I also had two layers of fabric to sew, as this in what you will be sewing when it comes to most sewing projects.

presserfootSew a Seam

In the video, I start by lining up the edge of one side of the fabric with a spot or place on my sewing machine. I chose to line up the fabric with the right edge of the sewing foot.

  • Make sure you have a straight stitch selected
  • Place your fabric under the presser foot and line up the fabric with a spot on your sewing machine. This will depend on how wide you want the seam allowance to be.
  • Lower your presser foot
  • slowly put your foot down on the foot pedal and off you go
  • It would be a good idea to practice your backstitch while you are sewing now to get you into the habit of doing it in your future sewing
  • Practice pivoting at the corners if you get excited and want to go around the whole piece of fabric
  • Backstitch to finish off your sewing

Use the other pen lines to practice more straight lines, zigzags and curves if you like.

To practice your sewing skills even more, be sure to check out the easy sewing projects!

Happy sewing!


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20 May, 2015

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