Quick Sewing Room Tip: How to Store Bobbins and Threads



My bobbins always seemed to be in a mess. I used to have them in my little sewing accessories container andy they would slowly unravel over time and get all friendly and tangle up with the other bobbins in there. When it came to finding the matching bobbin for the thread, I would always be holding the thread and bobbin up under the light just to make sure they were the same colour. Black and navy blue always gets me! They’re just way too similar.

So after a bit of Pinteresting, I found a great solution that I’m loving (well a couple really and then mashed them all together). Watch the video below or read on to see more.

Or watch it here on YouTube

An Inexpensive Way to Store Bobbins and Threads

You will need:

  • 15cm/6″ Pipe cleaners or chenille sticks (I buy the 30cm ones and then cut them in half with pliers)
  • PVC Tubing about the same diameter of your bobbin (I got mine from the hardware store so take a bobbin there to get the best fit)
  • matching bobbin and thread


Firstly, You need to cut the PVC tubing into little loops that are small enough to fit over the top of the bobbin. This will take a strong pair of scissors, as a knife seems to give a rough edge. My husband found it easy to cut them with the garden secateurs. This will stop your bobbin thread from unravelling.

Place your pipe cleaner through the spool of thread and then thread your matching bobbin over the top. Fold over the pipe cleaner ends and there you have it. A simple way for storing your matching bobbins and thread.


Do you do this or do you have a quick tip to share to help keep your sewing workspace organises? Share it in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

Until next time, happy sewing!



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10 June, 2014

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