Today I have a video showing you a sewing machine foot that is great to use when doing chunky decorative stitches, like s satin stitch, on your sewing machine. It’s mostly know as the satin stitch foot and this is the second video in my series on sewing machine feet.

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The Satin Stitch Foot (Janome F Foot)


The satin stitch foot is a great foot to use when you are doing a satin stitch or a decorative stitch that uses a lot of thread. If you have a Janome sewing machine your satin stitch foot will most likely have an F on it (like the one above on the left). Below is an example of stitches from the video.


Use the Satin Stitch Foot to sew these types of stitches on your sewing machine

I felt a bit silly when I realised that the standard sewing machine foot and the satin stitch foot actually had different purposes, so hopefully I can spare you the face palm too!

I also talked about the F2 foot (the foot of the right in the photo above) in the video and basically it is a satin stitch foot, but it has an open toe. this means the part of the foot in front of the needle is cut out (or it’s just missing some toes!). I like to use this foot when I am sewing on applique pieces as it gives me a really clear view of the fabric area coming up to the needle.

That’s all from me today. Be sure to like and share the video if you found it useful or leave a comment below or on YouTube to tell me what you think about this series.

Until next time, happy sewing!


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26 May, 2015

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