How to Start Hand Sewing Without a Knot

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Today I’m going to share with you a great technique for how to start hand sewing without a knot. This technique works well if you are using two strands of thread for jobs like hand sewing on a button, or if you want to create a thicker stitch line when doing hand embroidery.

I’ve included a video tutorial but if you want to check out the technique by reading and looking at the photos then scroll on.

If you’re interested in seeing my handy little tip for how to tie a knot in thread then check out this tutorial!

How to tie a knot in thread using a quilters knot featured image

Materials Needed to Start Hand Sewing Without a Knot

  • Hand Sewing Needle (you may need one with a larger eye to accomodate two strands of thread)
  • Thread
  • LoRan needle threader (optional, but extremely helpful) or buy the generic LoRan needle threader kind in bulk here
  • Whatever you are sewing – fabric, button, etc

Step By Step Instructions for How to Start Hand Sewing Without a Knot

Watch the quick video or see it on YouTube here

Step 1

You will need to start with your thread and needle. I like to have my thread doubled over.

If you have one handy, I highly recommend using the LoRan needle threaded (like the one pictured below) to help get the double thread through the eye of the needle. You can thread the needle without it, of course.

Step 2

If you are using the needle threader, place the eye of the needle over the hook on the needle threader. If not, thread both ends of the thread through the eye of the needle at the same time and then head on down to the end of step 4.

Step 3

Place the double thread over the hook on the needle threader.

Step 4

Pull the eye of the needle over the threads. You may need to hold the threads with the other hand to stop them from coming off the hook while you are trying to bring the eye of the needle over.

Pull the thread tails through so you have double thread going through the eye of the needle.

Ensure that looped end of the thread is at the bottom like in the photo below.

Step 5

Now sew through your fabric with the needle and thread, but stop when you have a small loop left of the other side.

Step 6

Bring the needle back down through the fabric, just next to where the thread first came up.

Step 7

Once all of the thread is through to the other side pass the needle through the existing loop of thread.

Step 8

Pull the thread all the way through and pull until there is no more thread left to pull through! Don’t forget to check the other side to ensure all the thread has now been pulled through.

You have now started sewing without having to tie a knot in the thread!

Pssst! I’ve just uploaded a new video to YouTube (It will be available on my website soon, but in the meantime you can only view it from YouTube). You can check it out below.

An easy way for how to thread a needle! Give it a try!

You might like to use this technique along with the ladder stitch to do some invisible sewing!

How to do an invisible stitch how to do a ladder stitch featured image with more photos

Have you started your sewing like this before? If not, why not give it a try. It’s a great way to start sewing without tying a knot and can various hand sewing projects. It won’t always be the best way to start sewing, but at least you have it when you need it!

Until next time, happy sewing!


a great technique for how to start hand sewing without a knot

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25 June, 2019


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