Stuffed Animals – From Concept to Construction By Abby Glassenberg


I’ve decided that it’s about time that I started doing some more book reviews to help beginning sewers out there, like you, know what’s around when it comes to learning how to sew. My previous book review on The Sewing Book, by Alison Smith, was a book more directed at people wanting a general reference book when it comes to garment and some crafty type sewing.

Stuffed Animals – from Concept to Construction, by Abby Glassenberg, is a book created for people who are interested in designing and making their own softies or stuffed animals. Check out my video book review below to hear a bit more about the book and see some of the cute stuffed animal projects you’ll find in the book. Or just scroll on to read the review…..

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stuffedanimalsabbyglassenbergThe Book

This book is aimed at anyone interested in designing and making stuffed animals or softies. It provides loads of inspiration and ideas for designing stuffed animals and just the 16 projects alone is worth buying the book, in my opinion.

The Author

Abby blogs over at You will find a great range of sewing projects of hers to purchase along with blog posts for crafty business operators and bloggers in general. Abby also has a podcast that is worth listening to if you’re into hearing more about creating and selling softie patterns and projects. You can find and download the podcast here.

My Experiences and Thoughts

 fishThe Fish – I decided to make the first sewing project in the book, which was the fish. This was mainly because the fish project was aimed at beginning sewers and I wanted to see how easy the instructions were to follow. I found that there were great photos to match up with the step by step instructions, but I did get stuck on a little detail (always seems to be the way). I had to ease in   the head piece to join it onto the body piece. I turned to my good old friend YouTube and my other sewing buddy, Janine, for advice. I sorted it and it makes sense to me now, but I will hopefully make a video in the near future to show you how I did the whole easing in business. supporting photos or an explanation were missing for this minor step, but I got through the rest of the instructions fairly smoothly.

dinosaurThe Dinosaur – I was drawn to this project mainly because of the novelty of the zip for a mouth. The dinosaur turned out so cute and cuddlable! I found the instructions easy to follow in this project, but it did take me a long time to complete. The smiles and joy that this little dinosaur brought to my little girl and the little people in my life made it all worth it. I think this is what softie making is really about. Yes you can buy a soft toy very easily or you can spend hours creating one with all your love and patience. It is just so much more rewarding to make one. I think this dinosaur will be a big part of the classroom I am working in next term (if I can get it out of the house without my little one noticing).

My Recommendation

I recommend this book for anyone who is into making softies or wants to get into making softies. It would be handy to have some prior knowledge with sewing, but I find that I always seem to end up on Google or YouTube at some stage. It’s all part of the learning process and we are lucky to have the internet as our friend to turn to when we aren’t quite sure of a word or technique.

This is an awesome reference book to have on the bookshelf of all aspiring softie designers, makers and creators. 

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Where Can You Find the Book??

The following links are affiliate links (meaning I get a commission if you choose to click through the link and make a purchase) and I thank you if you choose to click through to the following online stores.

Amazon: You can click here to check out or buy this book on Amazon. There are also some great reviews for you to check out or you can take a look at the inside of the book over on Amazon.

The Book Depository: If you live in Australia or some other part of the world where Amazon is expensive, I recommend clicking here to check out or buy the book from The Book Depository. Free shipping people!

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6 October, 2013

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