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Welcome to Sew and Tell for June 2014. This post was previously called What’s Been Sewing in the Sewing Room, but I wanted to share all the great things that other people are making from my sewing tutorials, tips and techniques. So in this post I’ll share a bit about what I’ve been sewing along with some photos of what others have made.

More Sock Monkey Love

emilias sock monkey700

I made the  sock monkey above for a baby at Playgroup. I love rainbow sock monkeys. they are just so happy and fun! You can find the tutorial here by the way. Watch out! Once you know how to make these, others will ask you to make one for them. Maybe you could have a sewing session and show them how or share my tutorial with them.

Kathleen’s Sock Monkey

ninja sock monkey

Recently, my friend Kathleen has been getting into the sock monkey making groove. She is so creative and changed things up a bit (which I love to see) and made a ninja sock monkey. He’s super cute and full of ninja personality! How cute is this baby, too!

Natalie’s Sock Monkey and Rabbit


A few months ago, Natalie sent me this great photo of her sock monkey and rabbit all the way from the UK. They look great and it was a nice treat seeing these little creatures in my email. Love the bunny rabbit ears! Thanks for sharing, Natalie!

Lucy’s Lanyards

lucy lanyard

Lucy, my awesome sister,  tried out my Lanyard sewing tutorial for me and these are the cool lanyards that she made. Nice one sis!

Some Comfy Maternity Pants

Recently, I had a big sewing session with a good friend of mine to make some maternity pants. I’d been having trouble finding maternity pants in my local shops so I decided to buy a pattern to make some of my own. I used the Kwik Sew K3324 Maternity Pants, Shorts and Jeans Panel Pattern I started with making some comfy track pants. I changed them up a bit by adding a stretchy lycra material to the top rather than ribbing and elastic. They look huge but are oh so comfortable and they stretch all the way over my belly. Awesome! I just need to make some more with the denim I have sitting in my sewing room. Hopefully that will be done in the next month!! If there’s no photo here, that’s because I forgot to take one! Actually, I decided not to take one because they look huge…

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Until nest time, happy sewing!