Hi everyone! Welcome to the first Sew-spiration link up party! This will be a weekly link up party for bloggers to come and link up their Sew-spiration (in the form of free sewing projects, sewing how tos, etc) and the readers can come and vote on their favourite link ups for the week!


The purpose of the Sew-spiration Link Up Party is to help our readers/visitors discover new and great sewing tutorials and how tos and to also have the opportunity to tell me (by voting) which link up/s you loved the most from the week! The most popular link up will be featured in a separate blog post that week! Yay!

I’m hoping you will all love the Sew-spiration Link Party and I can keep going with it. Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below.

The guidelines of the link up might change a bit over the next few weeks as I work out what works best, but I’ll list the guidelines for you below!

This is How the First Week Will Work!

Monday 11.30am CDST (CDST – Adelaide, South Australia) – Sew-spiration Link Party starts – bloggers add their links

Thursday 11.30am CDST – Link ups close and voting starts

Friday 8.30pm CDST – Party finishes and most popular link up is determined

Saturday – Most popular sewing tutorial or how to will be featured in a new blog post!

How does that sound??

Sew-spiration Link Up Guidelines for Bloggers

  • Link up your own sewing tutorial or sewing how tos (please link directly to the tutorial or it will be deleted) Sign up below to be sent an email reminder to come and link up when the party starts

  • Limit of 2 links per website per week please
  • Bloggers are welcome to come back at voting time and vote!
  • It would be greatly appreciated if you could add The Sew-spiration Link Up button to your link parties list or on your website somewhere


  • If your link up is the most popular for the week then I will use an image or two from your tutorial to use in the featured tutorial post linking back to your website.
  • Share the Sew-spiration Link Party with your readers and encourage them to come and vote!

Sew-spiration Link Up Guidelines for Readers

  • Come and check out the sewing tutorials and how tos that have been linked up and visit the ones you like the look of by clicking through to check them out in more detail. Don’t forget to ‘Save Them’ to Pinterest if it’s a great one!
  • Sign up to the email newsletter below if you’d like to receive a weekly reminder in the newsletter to come and vote!

  • You can vote up to 5 times. I’m not sure if you can vote on the same tutorial more than once, but we’ll soon find out! The voting thing is new to me but I love the idea of it!

Have fun everyone!

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