Listening to sewing podcasts has to be one of my all-time favorite things to do. I get to learn something new or listen to amazing stories from others while I’m doing other things like sewing or cleaning the house!

For those of you new to podcasts, a podcast is an audio show, usually hosted by one or two people (sometimes more), on a particular topic. You can stream or download the episodes through any podcast app on your mobile device. You can even subscribe so new episodes are there waiting for you and you might get a notification depending on your notification settings.

I’ve compiled a list of the best sewing podcasts. All of these sewing podcasts are current with new episodes released on a weekly basis (mostly at the time of publishing). I hope you find a new podcast to add to your podcast library!

Most of these sewing podcasts mainly focus on garment sewing. If you’re looking for quilting podcasts you can see my recommendations here (coming soon!).

Check out this video tutorial for a nifty way to thread a needle using the palm of your hand!

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In most cases, I will try and link to the sewing podcasts website. If a website doesn’t exist then I will link to the podcast on Google Podcasts or Apple Podcasts. Let’s go!

Best Sewing Podcasts

Love to Sew One of the Best Sewing Podcasts

low to sew best sewing podcast

I’m going to start with the most popular sewing podcast out there at the moment. The Love to Sew podcast is hosted by Helen and Caroline. Each week they chat with each other about various sewing topics like thread, choosing a zipper, sewing spaces, etc. They quite often interview other sewing bloggers or pattern designers from around the world. A new episode is released every Tuesday. They are genuinely obsessed with sewing and you’ll find yourself having a little a chuckle here and there. Many of these podcasts are over the 50 minute mark. You can read more about the Love to Sew Podcast here.

Sewing Out Loud Sewing Podcast

The next sewing podcast on my list is Sewing Out Loud. This podcast is hosted by Zede and Mallory who are a mother/ daughter team. You’ll listen to them chatting about all things sewing and life in general. Some of the topics include buying in bulk to sewing tiny hems and more. Most of the podcasts range from 30 to 60 minutes. You can read more about the Sewing Out Loud Podcast here.

Sewing for the Weekend Sewing Podcast

Sewing for the Weekend is the next podcast on the list. This is another mother/daughter team consisting of Beth and Nina. These ladies release a new episode every Thursday and they chat all things garment sewing. Many of these podcasts are over the 50-minute mark. You can read more about the Sewing for the Weekend Podcast here.

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Sew Organised Style Sewing Podcast

sew-organised-style sewing podcast

The Sew Organised Podcast is hosted by a fellow Australians Maria and Anne. You’ll also hear from their stylist correspondent, Amy. These ladies love their sewing. There are shorter podcasts at the moment as part of their daily series which go for 10-20 minutes all the way up to over an hour-long for some interviews. You can read more about the Sew Organised Style Podcast here.

Modern Sewciety Sewing Podcast

The Modern Sewciety podcast is hosted by Stephanie and after a short break last year she is back with new podcast interviews each week. Stephanie interviews many quilters but also talks about other sewing topics. You can read more about the Modern Sewciety Podcast here.

Clothes Making Mavens Sewing Podcast

Clothes Making Mavens is hosted by Helena and Lori. Helena and Lori talk all things handmade fashion as well as interview other sewers from around the world. You can read more about the Clothes Making Mavens here. While you’re on the website, check out the ‘About Me’ page. I had a little chuckle when I got to Dave Rose.

Watch Some Sewing!

You can even watch some sewing online. Check out this tutorial for how to watch the Great British Sewing Bee Online.


Craft Industry Alliance Craft Podcast

The Craft Industry Alliance podcast is hosted by Abby Glassenberg. Abby interviews makers and designers from different industries who are building a creative business. So this podcast is not just sewing but it is fascinating and inspiring. I’ve been a listener of Abby’s podcast way back when she started as the While She Naps podcast. You can read more about the Craft Industry Alliance Podcast here.

Best Sewing Podcasts 2020

Here's a list of sewing podcasts to listen to while you're sewing up a storm!

All of these podcast can be streamed or downloaded using your podcast app on a mobile device.

Well, that’s my round-up of the best sewing podcasts to listen to while you sew.

I hope you find some great new sewing podcasts to add to your list!

Happy listening and sewing,


Create your own Emergency Sewing Kit using the tutorial here.

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