When I sit and think about all the things that happened in 2014 I sometimes catch myself getting annoyed with myself and thinking about the things I had planned to do and just didn’t get done instead of what I have achieved and the beautiful things that I already have in my life. This quote seems to be an inspiration to me when I start to get caught up in it all.



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So this post is in recognition of the things that I have done and do have as a result of 2014 with a touch of what I want to focus on for 2015.

Baby Jordan

During July our family welcomed Jordan into the world, although a little earlier than expected and while we were on a little holiday! He is just gorgeous and his big sister adores him. My best creation by far for 2014 🙂

Sewing Projects

I did manage to get a couple of easy sewing projects out there before Jordan came along like how to sew a lanyard project and how to make a reversible fabric book cover. I have received many positive comments and photos of peoples’ creations. I do hope to create more this year to inspire others to take up sewing, because it’s just too much fun sewing things, especially those practical things.


The podcast has been extremely fun to produce and it has led to a lot of extra research, but that just means I learn and retain more in order to talk about it to everyone. win/win I say! You can check out the podcast here.

YouTube Subscribers Galore

Even though I haven’t created many new video at the moment, My YouTube subscribers has continues to skyrocket (in my opinion anyway)! All I can say in thank you to you all. It motivates me to make more videos in the future if that’s what people are finding helpful.  I’m currently sitting at 5719 Subscribers to my YouTube channel. Thanks everyone!

Facebook is probably me next biggest channel of communication for my new projects and how tos that I put out, but unfortunately not many of my likers there actually see what I post, unless I pay for it.

A Peek Into 2015 Starting with a UFO

In my personal sewing I have a huge UFO (unfinished object??) that I started in 2007! It’s a block of the month that just got away from me and became too huge. My goal is to have it all pieced together and ready to quilt by July. Then it will be ready to quilt with my sisters quilting machine when I visit her then. Yay! I seriously need to make a plan for that. I’ll keep you updated with that one.

Goals for ESFB

The How To videos and sewing projects are what people love the most. Understandable! My goals for this year is to create 12 new sewing projects, one for each month. I also want to create a a new ‘How To’ video each month as well.

I recently got a new overlocker/serger for Christmas and would love to work out how to use it properly. I’ve purchased 2 Craftsy classes and am slowly working my way through them. You can check them out here and here. I love Amy Allen’s hair in the Beginning Serger class. Looks perfect. I think I’m so memorised with it because she has much shorter hair now. (That was completely unrelated to anything, but I thought I would share it anyway LOL).

Another big goal for me this year is to create my first sewing project to sell. I was wanting to create all my projects for free, mainly because I didn’t think anyone would pay for something that I had created. I now believe that I can create something that is worth a small cost after having many purchase my free projects from my Craftsy store and receiving lovely emails and photos from others who have created something from them. I can do it!

‘Spare time’ is precious and a rarity at this point in time so I really do need to use it wisely. Getting my focus and self discipline back to where it was will be key here for me. I can do it!

Do you have any UFOs that you are planning on finishing this year or even something that you were proud to have accomplished in 2014? I would love to hear about it! Do you have any other sewing related goals for 2015?

Big deep breath and off we go!

Happy sewing in 2015!