Since I have only just bought the Janome rotary even foot, I thought it would be good to compare the results that I got from my last comparison test where I tested the walking foot and a standard sewing machine foot. Watch the video or scroll down to see the results.

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The Walking Foot and Janome Rotary Even Foot Comparison Test

For this comparison test I used minky fabric, laminated cotton and a quilting sample made up of two layers of fabric with wadding/batting in between. I sewed all of the sample fabric pieces in the same way and the only thing I changed was the foot that I used. Pretty much the same as the last test, but this time I used the rotary even foot instead of the standard foot.

The Results…


I have to say, I was a little disappointed with the results because I thought the rotary even foot would perform as well as the walking foot. The results are still ok (and definitely better than just using a standard foot).

Let me start with the minky fabric again. So I’ve kept the walking foot sample on the left and the rotary even foot sample in on the right. I still had some twisting and slipping  from using the rotary even foot. The results were better than what I got from using the standard foot, but not as good as the results from using the walking foot. I would still use the walking foot when sewing minky.

The results from sewing the laminated cotton came out pretty much the same. I did get stuck on all of the corners when using the rotary even foot and had to really encourage the fabric through. The rotary wheels just weren’t grippy enough to pull the fabric through when turning the corners.

The quilting sample results were fairly similar. The rotary even foot sample had a bit of shifting, but I think you could definitely do some good quality quilting with the rotary even foot attached. You can see in the photo above that there is a bit of rippling in the quilting.

My Recommendation

I Would still recommend sticking with the walking foot, as the results just weren’t as good with the rotary even foot to be able to justify spending the extra money on it. The rotary even foot does come with extra attachments that hem, sew on binding and a blind hemming attachment. I’m looking forward to testing how well the attachments work, as it could save some time in the sewing room.

You can get a walking foot to suit your type of sewing machine from your local sewing machine specialist or you can buy one online from Amazon. Remember to make sure that the brand and model of your sewing machine appears in the product description to make sure you get the right type of walking foot for your machine.

You can also find the Janome rotary even foot on eBay and Amazon.